Refreshment Options
Hospital Breakrooms

Refreshment Options
Hospital Breakrooms

Retail technology to improve the lives of your staff, patients and visitors.

From waiting rooms to doctor’s lounges, self-service refreshment options provide a level of convenience in your hospital breakroom or medical facility, without sacrificing healthy and satisfying options.

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Keep doctors and medical staff fueled

Long shifts and short breaks. What most doctors, nurses and medical support staff need are quick, healthy food options to keep them going, and keep them focused on providing a great level of care. With self-service markets right in their lounge areas, you make it convenient for them to get what they want, when they want it.

Add some convenience and comfort for patients and visitors

Spending time at a hospital can be stressful. Don’t let a lack of food options add to the strain, and instead provide a robust line-up of self-service refreshment options to support the patient experience without adding overhead costs.

Make the most of the space in your dining room

Don’t let your dining hall sit empty in off-peak hours. You can still make the most of the space by offering self-checkout buying options for prepared foods such as salads and sandwiches, along with grab-and-go snacks.

Order ahead, delivered to you

With our dining technology, users can order their meals ahead of time from the mobile app or a kiosk, and have their food delivered to a locker or cubby for pickup, saving them time and decreasing traffic in the dining hall during peak hours.

Integrated technology

With a Connected CampusSM from 365 Retail Markets, staff, visitors and guests can use the same account across multiple checkout points.

An innovative and convenient market experience in any healthcare setting

With unattended retail solutions from 365 Retail Markets, you can deploy a mixture of self-service technology anywhere and everywhere in your healthcare facility. From mini markets to ai-powered smart coolers to a full suite of dining technology, we have the tools to improve your hospital dining experience.

Hospital Breakroom Micro Market

Micro Markets

Provide the equivalent of a convenience store with the ease of self-checkout. Ideal for staff lounges, admin offices or any ‘closed-loop’ populations. Can be as small or large as the space permits, stocked with fresh, healthy food and beverage options available 24/7.

Hospital Breakroom Smart Store

Smart Stores

With these ‘better than vending’ solutions, users can look at products before they buy and enjoy more product variety. Leveraging AI and smart store technology, a no-checkout, technology-forward experience.

Hospital Breakroom Dining


The 365Dining platform offers a refreshed approach to dining, with users at the center of the experience. From vibrant self-order kiosks to a POS that can transition from attended to unattended, you’ll have the integrated tools for both kitchen and menu management.

Customized for your healthcare facility breakroom

We’ll work with you to identify the best opportunities for unattended retail within your healthcare facility breakroom. With a goal of meeting the needs of staff, patients and visitors, we’ll create a tailor-made mix of technology, products and services to provide the best experience possible. We have experience improving and complementing the foodservice experience with hospitals and medical facilities of all shapes and sizes.

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