365 Dining: A Connected Campus℠ Solution

As part of 365’s Connected Campus℠, 365 Dining offers a refreshed approach to the food service experience for both operators and consumers. Based on our industry leading retail technologies, this platform unlocks profitability while delivering on client and consumer satisfaction.

The 365 Retail Markets dining solution includes POS systems, self-service kiosks, kitchen order management systems, mobile ordering and pickup via the 365Pay app, food lockers, and one back-of-house system for all your business management needs.

Also new to our 365 Connected Campus℠ offering is Spoonfed – a world-class catering software platform. Learn more about Spoonfed here.

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Powered by our robust back-end management portal, ADM, 365 Dining solutions are easy to use and come equipped with an always-evolving suite of tools including reporting, analytics, promotions and inventory tracking.


Increase through-put, reduce employee labor costs, and unlock sales growth by offering cross-sell and up-sell opportunities throughout the ordering journey. All interconnected between devices as part of 365’s Connected Campus℠.


365 Dining is uniquely designed with the end-user in mind. Our goal is to allow the end-users a stress-free ordering experience where they can effectively explore, select, modify, and pay for their meals with ease.


Backed by 365’s experience in unattended retail, 365 Dining is a nimble system designed to adapt to an ever changing workplace environment. That includes the durability to stay online even when the office goes offline.

Custom User

Our user interface (UI) showcases menu item imagery, featured products and campus promotions, in-depth nutritional information and more to ensure the best ordering journey for the end-user.

MM6 Dining Kiosk

Designed to deliver a great user experience, the MM6 Dining Kiosk is the newest evolution of our award-winning kiosk systems.

Utilize the new user interface and experience features to enhance your dining operation and improve the consumer ordering journey:

  • Seamless Ordering Experience – The end-user will easily navigate through the ordering journey that includes clean and concise menus as well as impactful product imagery, animations and transitions that are intuitive
  • Amplified Customization – Ability for the consumer to customize their orders the way they want with multiple modifiers and prep options for each menu item
  • Client Personalization – Clients can implement custom menu branding, with background, station names, accent colors and featured products
  • Health-Conscious Dining – Features that facilitate health and wellness decisions with transparent nutritional info and labeling
365 dining mm6 kiosk
365 dining mm6 mini kiosk

MM6 Mini Dining Kiosk

Utilize all the functionality of an MM6 Dining solution in a compact, adaptable kiosk. MM6 Mini for Dining

MM6 Mini for Dining offers powerful dining features in an attractive, versatile package:

  • Adaptable Configurations – Serve customers no matter the environment. MM6 Mini can be wall mounted or countertop mounted and it’s compact size allows you appeal to any cafeteria layout.
  • Excellent Service – Keep your customers satisfied. An engaging 15.6″ touchscreen with intuitive navigation will make it easy for your patrons to order, pay, and enjoy!
  • Powerful Management – Maximize profits at your dining facilities. MM6 Mini is powered by powerful back office capabilities to help you increase your margins, boost order fulfillment, and run a more efficient operation.

ReadyFlex POS

A full featured point-of sale-system delivering robust functionality to drive throughput in any attended or unattended dining operation.

  • Easily transition between self-service and cashier mode to better accommodate traffic, labor fluctuations and any day-parting needs
  • Robust functionality in self-service mode that offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface which includes product imagery, animations, transitions, and enhanced modifiers to ensure the consumer is able to order exactly how they want to
  • Allows operators to access real-time sales and have the ability to void transactions if needed
365 dining order ahead capability

Order Ahead

Meet the end-user’s modern-day expectations with fast, simple, and easy dining ordering.

  • 365Dining locations that utilize Order Ahead capabilities have a 200% increase in both transactions as well as revenue versus locations without
  • Allows customers to not only order their food at anytime from anywhere from their cell phone or desktop, but also allows for customers to plan/schedule meals whenever they want
  • Order Ahead minimizes time and labor costs for any dining operation
365 dining kitchen display system
365 dining now serving screen

Kitchen Display System

Seamlessly connect your front-of-house and back-of-house, all while increasing staff productivity and ensuring order accuracy for the end-user.

  • Effectively manage each order at your BOH kitchen workstations
  • Allows kitchen staff to focus on the execution of orders without organizing tickets and prioritizing orders that come in

Now Serving Screen

Offers real-time visibility regarding the end-user’s order status, which improves their overall customer journey.

  • Placed directly in the café, these consumer-facing display monitors improve throughput in the dining space
  • Allows operators to run an efficient back-of-house that prioritizes their tickets and relays transparency for the customers
  • Provides customers a sense of control knowing exactly when their orders are being prepared and when it is ready for pickup
365 dining 365 beacon


With our 365Pay mobile app and 365Beacon, quickly transform your dining facility by providing customers with the capability to scan and pay for products directly from their mobile device.

  • 365Beacon serves as a line-buster and increases speed of service in the café space
  • The self-checkout dining solution eliminates the need for customers to wait in line or go to a kiosk to place their order

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