It’s time to check in on our operators and see how they are weathering the storm! Today we are talking with Dick Hanson from Buffalo Rock.

Dick has been staying home and enjoying time with his little lady. They are looking forward to the beaches opening up to get some fresh air and have been eating so well that they gone through 5 bottles of propane. Dick is keeping a positive attitude and is looking forward to re-opening his markets.

Dick said his last week of good business was March 9th and after that it started slowing down. Buffalo Rock has markets in three states: Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. This is challenging for Dick because he needs to follow different regulations in each state.

A key strategy for him is: communicate! He has been reaching out to all his locations to find out what they need from him to re-open.

“We are in a true partnership right now; we are in this together.”

Without a doubt, what all locations can’t stop asking about is Touchless options. Luckily for Dick, working so close with 365, he knows we have the technology for him!

365 Touchless Transactions℠ works from coffee machines to your everyday kiosk. Dick is ready to go fully touchless by starting to make the switch to ADM. This way his consumers can check out at all upgraded technologies using their own smart phone.

The demand for touchless transactions is now, and 365 Retail Markets is here to get you started!