Say hello to the PicoMarket from 365 Retail Markets. The award-winning PicoMarket is a low-cost micro market solution ideal for smaller accounts. Its low price, small form factor, and powerful features and functionality combine to maximize your return on investment and grow your micro market business. Let’s take a closer look:

Powerful Tools and Easy Checkout

The device is a small, lightweight checkout solution that includes a barcode scanner for quick product selection and a versatile payment solution for easy checkout. Customers can pay via mobile wallet, credit, debit, and the popular 365Pay app and member account. Want to provide a cash option to your account? The PicoMarket+ allows you to accept both cash and cashless payments – maximizing your payment versatility and boosting overall sales.

Customer checkout is easy and straightforward. The user simply scans their chosen items, presents payment and the transaction is complete! It’s never been easy for your customers to choose, scan, pay, and enjoy!

Keep your PicoMarket up and running and selling with reliable connectivity options. Connect PicoMarket via ethernet, wi-fi or embedded cellular options to keep your devices online and your customers happy.

Low Cost, High Versatility

The PicoMarket is the perfect solution for smaller locations looking for a complete micro market option. Extremely low technology costs help you appeal to locations with as few as 20 people on site.

You can also deploy PicoMarket as a low-cost, secondary checkout solution for your busiest locations. Cut down on long lines and serve more customers faster to boost user satisfaction, and reduce abandoned purchases due to wait times.

Want to mix and match PicoMarket with other technology? Not a problem! Utilize the device together with our gen3 kiosk, PicoCooler, or dining solutions to provide a comprehensive and flexible food and beverage service to your location – allowing you to customize solutions for any site.

365 is a US-based company integrated with all major VMS systems and LightSpeed warehouse solutions, providing you with a one-stop shop as your trusted technology partner. Plus, we provide reliable and functional devices that meet the highest security and compliance standards.

With our PicoMarket technology, you can provide a low-cost micro market solution – helping you serve smaller locations while maximizing ROI.

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