From online/mobile ordering to an overall enhanced dining experience, 365Dining Platform brings more to the table.

Experience the power of 365Dining now with Company Kitchen technology.

Change My Dining Experience!


At 365, we have technology for not only vending and MicroMarkets, but dining too.

Experience the power of 365Dining now with Company Kitchen technology.

365Dining provides cutting-edge technology through point-of-sale systems. 365Dining systems are a great fit for onsite dining operators within locations such as corporations, schools, and healthcare.


Ordering food at your dining locations is now more flexible and convenient than ever before! Your consumers simply place their order whenever they want, from their 365Pay app or from all through Touchless Transactions.

  • Eliminate long lines and provide consumers with faster, hotter food!
  • Increase throughput, enhance operations and optimize labor force


365Dining communicates with the kitchen staff, allowing the customer to place orders and pay at one POS system while their order is sent to the kitchen for completion. Using our innovative CKDS you can now do a lot more with dining than you have ever been able to do before!

  • Kitchen Management Functionality
  • Customizable Now Serving Screens
  • Data Driven Functionality
  • Efficient Consumer to Kitchen Communications


365Dining is the convenient self-checkout system customers love. Consumers simply grab their meal, scan their item or search the database, pay and go. 365Dining is the easy and efficient way to eliminate long lines and keep your customers happy.

Intuitive Cashier Mode

365Dining is also a standalone cashier system. The fast, flexible, intuitive system is easy to learn with a flexible display enabling cashiers to choose the menu layout that best suits them for smoother service and shorter lines.

Nutrition Focused

Engage with your customers where they eat! Don’t miss an opportunity to connect to your dining customers.

  • Technology innovator with in-house developers
  • Full back office transparent client access
  • Business and industry dining expertise

Flexible Technology

365Dining is the most versatile dining point-of-sale system, transitioning from cashier to self-service mode with the push of a button. The system allows for cashier service during peak hours, and self-checkout with credit cards and Global Market Accounts (GMA) after hours! Stay open and make more money in your dining accounts with 365Dining!