You can now find 365 technologies at NASA! NASA connects people to space, and 365 connects people to convenience. It’s a perfect partnership!

What they were looking for:

NASA was looking to take their food service to the next level and offer around-the-clock convenience to their engineers, seven days a week at their approximate 1,500 sq ft breakroom.

They wanted the next generation of technology to provide employees with multiple ways to pay for products, including using fingerprint technology on kiosks or using their smartphones to scan and pay from a stored value account. In addition to technology-based payments, they wanted to offer credit/debit cards, as well as by NFC using ApplePay and Google Pay.

“Working with the Coast Guard Exchange and the team at Fixturelite, we all put our heads together to create a welcoming environment, where over 700 items are available for purchase 24/7, made possible by amazing technology provided by 365 Retail Markets!” — Steve Closser, Translucent LLC Head Integrator.

All about their 365 MicroMarket:

To achieve that goal, NASA turned to their trusted retail services partner, the US Coast Guard Exchange (CGX), and their self-service partner, 365 Retail Markets. Together, we were able to plan and open a MicroMarket that catapulted them beyond their expectations.

“365 is honored to partner with the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility, “America’s Rocket Factory”, on their new break room. From the market design to the technology to the snack and beverage options, we worked with the team to ensure that their MicroMarket was created to meet the unique needs of their employees. This is an exciting partnership for us and one we look forward to building for years to come.” – Joe Hessling, 365 Founder/CEO.

The CGXpress MicroMarket at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility consists of two Gen3 V5 kiosks,365Beacon, and the 365Pay app. The variety of self-service technologies allows their 4,000 employee patrons to seamlessly checkout and provide them with what they need to keep energized through their workday. In addition to implementing the best technologies in the industry, CGX added multiple snack racks and 16 coolers to provide their employees with the broadest selection of beverages and snacks.

“It has been impressive to see the rapid deployment of MicroMarkets around the country by the Coast Guard Exchange (CGX) team. Their stores have been performing above expectations, so it is clear that everyone in this military service appreciates the convenience provided by the CGX team. The opening of NASA Michoud was impressive because it was clear that there is close collaboration between CGX and NASA. To be able to help support NASA, who put the first man on the moon and is working on other ‘firsts’ is especially rewarding for our 365 team and me.” ­– Jon Floyd, Sr. Executive Account Manager – International.

Captain Jeff Eldridge is the Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard Community Services Command which includes CGX. “The CGXpress is an innovative approach to providing a variety of fresh food, snacks, and beverage choices to a large work population with limited break times and few choices to dine elsewhere.” Eldridge called the CGXpress micro mart “a state-of-the-art experience.

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