Avanti Aux Kiosk

Flexibility to expand your Micro Market footprint

Avanti Aux

Flexibility to expand your Micro Market footprint

Lower-Cost Option

The Avanti Aux is a low cost micro market kiosk option. It’s a compact self-checkout platform that helps you grow your business in smaller locations.

Adaptable & Customizable

Deploy Aux in the best way for your location. You can configure the kiosk to mount on walls, place on countertops, or stand freely. No matter what space your locations require, the Aux kiosk can handle the job.

Touchless Transactions

Maximize checkout speed and location health through touchless transactions. Simply scan the product and tap or swipe your card – it’s that easy!

Secondary Checkout

Pair Aux with a larger Avanti kiosk as a line buster to reduce waiting times. Speed up transactions at large locations and provide excellent service to your key accounts.

Avanti Markets Kiosk Lineup

Aux Kiosk

Aux Kiosk

A compact micro market solution for smaller locations. Or, use Aux as a line busting, secondary kiosk for high-traffic accounts.

Executive Avanti Kiosk

Executive Kiosk

A full-size, tabletop kiosk for maximum convenience. The Executive kiosk is the Avanti flagship kiosk and can handle thousands of transactions a day without interruption.

Avanti Enterprise Kiosk

Enterprise Kiosk

Need something a little bigger? The Avanti Enterprise kiosk is a freestanding kiosk built for locations with extremely high traffic and plenty of space. Whatever your location needs, Avanti has a kiosk to meet their requirements.

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