Hiring, motivating, and retaining workers is an ongoing struggle for workplaces. One surprising area that can make a difference? The employee breakroom. Gone are the days where simple water coolers or old vending machines loaded with chips, candy, and soda are enough to satisfy your employees. Modern breakrooms can provide a delicious, diverse variety of food, drink, and full-meal options that make it easier to hire workers, boost productivity, and create a positive workplace environment.

Upgrade your break areas with The PicoCooler from 365 Retail Markets. PicoCooler puts a self-service convenience store into the same amount of space that a traditional vending machine would occupy. Instead of chips and soda, your employees can enjoy fresh salads, delicious sandwiches, nutritious juices, and more! You can keep employees motivated, on-site, and refreshed – ready to get the job done.

Selection and checkout with the PicoCooler is fast and easy! All you need to do is unlock the cooler with any of a variety of accepted payment options such as credit, debit, mobile payment, market member card, or the 365Pay app. Once the door is unlocked, you can actually explore products before you buy. PicoCooler makes it easy to look at ingredients or examine nutritional information before making a final purchase. From here, simply choose a product, scan on the Pico terminal and complete your transaction. It’s that easy!

Here at 365, we can provide you a breakroom experience that is tailored to what you and your employees value. As the global leader in unattended retail technology, we are experts in delivering custom solutions and benefits to clients. Our platform enables wellness, loyalty, and incentive programs, allowing us to tailor your PicoCooler to serve the needs of your location. You can even use the on-screen display to highlight corporate events and company announcements or share employee wellness tips.

We can place multiple PicoCoolers in a small area, or for added convenience, we can place them throughout your office, manufacturing plant or campus of buildings to enable easy access for all employees. We can even pair PicoCooler with 365 micro markets, coffee service, made-to-order dining technology, and other workplace solutions to provide a complete food and beverage experience for your workplace.

As a US-based company, 365 is certified in the highest standards of consumer privacy and security. You can count on us to reliably manage your breakroom through our AWS-hosted servers while maintaining an exceptional level of professional services.

Make your workplace a better place to be. Get started with PicoCooler today to create a breakroom that attracts workers, boosts productivity, and creates a positive workplace culture. Fill out the form below to learn more.

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