There are countless reasons to buy a colleague a cup of coffee. Whether you’re celebrating a new milestone, rewarding a colleague for a job well done, or helping your team power through a Monday afternoon, buying someone a snack can go a long way!

However, even with the increased availability of on-site refreshment services, this simple gesture is becoming increasingly difficult. Hybrid work schedules, remote workers, and employees spread across campuses can make it hard to just “grab someone lunch.” But with Send a Snack from 365 Retail Markets, employees can buy food or drinks for their colleagues wherever they are!

Send a Snack, available directly inside the 365Pay app, lets consumers digitally gift a snack right from their mobile phone – helping operators boost customer engagement and increase sales in their accounts. Here’s how it works:

Send A Snack

From the 365Pay home screen, senders simply choose a gift amount, a recipient with a 365Pay account, and send! If the recipient does not have a 365Pay account, an email will be sent notifying them of their gift – incentivizing signup for the app. Senders can even attach a sticker or a small message to personalize their gift. Once funds are transferred to the recipient’s 365Pay account, they have a month to redeem. Since 365Pay is part of our Connected Campus environment, employees can use these funds to buy delicious food and beverage options from a 365 tech-enabled micro market, smart store, cafeteria, vending machine, and more!

Send a Snack displays a live gift feed to show each location who is sending snacks. With this live feed, colleagues can feel publicly acknowledged whenever they receive their digital funds. Plus, the gift feed can inspire colleagues to use Send a Snack more often – creating momentum for purchases at your location.

Send a Snack is a free tool that lives right inside of the 365Pay app, which means operators can get started with Send a Snack Today. Plus, operators can enable Send a Snack by account, so it’s only accessible for accounts where it makes sense. Make it easy for consumers to thank a peer for a job well done or welcome them to the team – all while increasing customer engagement and boosting sales.

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