Have you heard of Smart Stores? The idea is this: provide an environment where customers can grab products and go – without the need to scan products or deal with lengthy checkout lines. Smart stores are starting to show up more and more in our everyday lives. From full brick and mortar retail locations to smaller convenience stores or even stadium concession areas – these technologies offer customers extreme convenience. Imagine that same technology, but in a form factor that can fit almost anywhere. Essentially, a smart store in a box.

Say hello to Stockwell 2.0 from 365 Retail Markets. Stockwell 2.0 is a smart store offering that makes it easy for you to grab your items and go on with your day. Here’s how it works: Simply walk up to the Stockwell 2.0 and issue payment on the versatile checkout device via credit, debit, mobile payment, or GMA member payments through the 365Pay app. After you issue payment, the Stockwell doors unlock. From here, simply select your product. Advanced product recognition technologies know exactly which product you chose and it fills your cart accordingly. Now, simply close the door, and walk away. Your payment option will automatically be charged for the items removed. If you use the 365Pay app, you will receive a receipt in the app a few minutes later.

We’ve transformed the no-checkout smart store with a sleek and impressive design that will elevate almost any environment. One that looks striking and offers an entirely new shopping experience. Picture the Stockwell in a chic office reception area, hotel lobby, hospital, airport, college campus, or multi-tenant building where aesthetics matter.

Plus, Stockwell 2.0 has both an ambient and refrigerated space, ensuring you can easily purchase the products you love. The Stockwell can be the right fit for so many locations, but the bottom line is this – providing refreshment and convenience without sacrificing atmosphere.

Here at 365, we can provide you with self-service retail experience that is tailored to what you value. As the global leader in unattended retail technology, we are experts in delivering custom solutions and benefits to clients.

Our platform enables wellness, loyalty, and incentive programs, allowing us to customize your Stockwell to serve the needs of your location. As a US-based company, 365 is certified in the highest standards of consumer privacy and security. You can count on us to reliably manage your technology through our AWS-hosted servers while maintaining an exceptional level of professional services. Offer exceptional products, boost convenience, and elevate your space. With Stockwell 2.0, you can provide a Smart Store that attracts employees, boosts productivity, and enhances guest satisfaction.

Build Your Smart Store Today with Stockwell 2.0