In the second of our series on Custom Data Solutions (CDSI), we dive deeper into the top benefits of the partnership with 365 Retail Markets and how tailored data solutions from CDSI are bringing even more value to the industry.

By finding enhanced ways for consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies to leverage CDSI to drive strategic business decisions and enhance operational efficiency, those data insights can translate to better intelligence and more robust sales for operators.

Here are some of the top benefits of CDSI, driving an increasing number of CPG companies to take advantage of the robust and valuable platform.

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1. Daily reporting and nightly web refreshes – Several distributors, including Vistar and Vendors Supply, already report to Custom Data Solutions daily. While all other distributors currently report weekly, CDSI is actively working towards the goal of having daily reporting across the entire distributor network.

2. Data cleansing and enhancement – Custom Data Solutions has a dedicated team of staff that review and cleanse the data before posting. Once the data has been posted, another team works to classify, link and assign accounts properly to ensure data accuracy.

4. CPGs can customize and align their data to their internal business needs – CDSI Account Managers work with CPGs to ensure that Item Hierarchy, Broker/internal sales geography alignment and other details are aligned to meet their specific reporting needs. The team at CDSI also works with the CPGs on an ongoing basis to make sure the data is aligned with the CPG’s customized requests.

5. Team of dedicated account managers and support specialists – Custom Data Solutions has a team of dedicated Account Managers, and each CPG works with a specific account manager to ensure a personal relationship and reliable support. In addition, all CDSI Account Managers and Support Specialists are trained and available to assist with customer requests, questions, reports, website navigation, and other functionality as needed.

5. Rebate calculations and other disbursement services – Custom Data Solutions provides services to calculate rebates, broker commission payments, Vend Distributor Allowance payments, promotions and more. They provide detailed backup and downstream reporting for all calculations and can produce and mail checks to operators, brokers and distributors. CDSI also provides contract mailing services and works with CPGs to implement, track and manage promotional rebates.

6. More resources with 365 Retail Markets – Following the acquisition of CDSI by 365, the company has more access to the resources, ensuring CPGs have the best experience and service possible. This leads to greater resources for platform development and support staff, delivering more for CPG partners.

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