Spoonfed Catering Software

Cloud-based solutions for hospitality, dining, events, and more.

Trusted by catering businesses across the globe.

Spoonfed catering software gives a portal for receiving and processing catering orders with efficiency from end to end. We support teams by saving them time in all aspects of their operation – giving them confidence, flexibility and the tools they need to drive revenue.

Spoonfed Catering Software

Solutions that make catering easy

Powerful tools that effectively manage hospitality, executive dining, event catering, and more.

  • Simplify client financials by creating approval pathways and charge code validation
  • Enable group ordering via individually labeled deliveries and automated functionality
  • Customize your service with on-site menus and allergen management tools

Innovative cloud-based catering solutions

Running your own catering company means being on top of everything. If having your fingers in so many pies is becoming messy, Spoonfed can automate your processes and clean things up.

Spoonfed Marketplace

Effectively serve your clients’ made-to-order meal needs

Give your clients access to local food vendors of your choosing through a custom branded, online hospitality ordering platform.

  • Generate an additional stream of revenue by satisfying catering needs in your locations
  • Satisfy every craving by providing a custom marketplace of local restaurants for your clients
  • Offer meals from local favorites, ghost kitchens, or your own commissary

Provide catering service with ease

Provide more value for your existing client relationships. Partner with local food vendors to feature on your branded ordering portal. Enable your clients to access new vendors, browse menus, build orders, and checkout with ease.

” Embracing technology-based solutions like the Spoonfed platform ultimately allowed us to extend our reach and drive revenue.”

– Laura Fehrie General Manager, Garces, USA 

“Spoonfed has made our catering system for multiple locations incredibly efficient. This has saved time for our team and created a more welcoming and hospitable experience for our guests. 

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