Compliance at 365 Retail Markets

365 Retail Markets is an industry leader in security, compliance, third party audits and certifications. We support and enforce GDPR and privacy policies across all geographical and political regions. For further information you can reach out to our compliance officer with questions.

365 Retail Markets PCI Compliance

SOC2 Compliance

Vendor Management

In addition to subjecting ourselves to 3rd party audits, 365 Retail Markets holds its vendors to high standards via a regimented onboarding process and annual evaluations to ensure the relationship is safe, secure, and still in the best interests of all parties.

Product Life Cycle

The point of sale units 365 Retail Markets provides have a product lifecycle that includes the responsible decommissioning and destruction of used components. To that end, we have a process in place to insure all machines have any data scrubbed from them and then are certified clean before being safely recycled.