Connected Campus of Retail

Easy Checkout, Wherever You Are

Connected Campus of Retail

Easy Check Out, Wherever You Are

Get the products you need, when you need them.

Enjoy a seamless checkout experience, every time. 365 Connected Campus of Retail enables you to use one app, one account, and one checkout process across vending machines, micro markets, smart stores, dining solutions, and more in your location.

Easy Checkout

Easy, unattended checkout makes it easy to grab, pay, and go.


One account, one app, any point of sale.

One app

Use the 365Pay app to enjoy fast purchases and great rewards.

Great User Experience

Enjoy delicious food and beverage options across your space.

A tailor-made self-checkout experience.

We’ll help you put the right self-checkout technology in the right space. Our Connected Campus of Retail works best in offices, manufacturing facilities, college campuses, hospitals, hotels, and more. Whether it’s a dining kiosk in a cafeteria, a smart store in a lobby, or a micro market in a breakroom, it provides easy access to the food and drinks you need, wherever you are.

Backed by Tools to Make Checkout Easy

Connected Campus of Retail 365Pay App

The 365Pay App

One user account for all points of sale. Load your 365Pay account with funds and quickly checkout at any micro market, vending machine or smart store – while enjoying rewards along the way.

Connected Campus of Retail User Checkout

Intuitive User Checkout

Enjoy a unified checkout experience across different unattended points of sale. 365 designs our technology with convenience in mind – helping users quickly scan, pay, and go.

Connected Campus of Retail Rewards

Subsidies, Rewards, and More

Provide account subsidies to motivate or reward employees. Enjoy meal deals, reward points, and more. Quickly submit feedback on equipment or products.

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Enjoy a Connected Campus of Retail