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Build a better corporate breakroom with 365 Retail Markets. We provide high quality office breakrooms for your employees to help your organization boost morale, increase productivity, and attract & retain talent.

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Easy-To-Use Technology

Our micro markets, smart stores, and office coffee service will help you achieve organizational goals while making your workplace a better place to be.

Delicious Options

From fresh salads and sandwiches to delicious drinks and guilty pleasures, we’ll make sure to stock products that you and your team love.

Custom Setups

We’ll create a custom breakroom setup based on your needs. Give us the space, a power outlet, and an internet connection, and we’ll provide you with high-quality breakroom services.

Expert Service

We’ll make sure your breakroom is always tidy, stocked, and functional. We’ll request feedback and work with your team to make sure we’re delivering everything you want and more.

Better Breakrooms for Better Workplaces

Boost company morale with happier, healthier, & more productive employees. Decrease time spent on breaks by eliminating the need to leave the workplace with fresh & healthy alternatives on demand. Upgrade your breakroom and start noticing the difference.

Office Breakroom Corporate Breakroom Micro Market

Micro Markets

Create a self-checkout convenience store right in your workplace. Employees simply select an item, scan, and enjoy a delicious snack or full meal.

Office Breakroom Corporate Breakroom Smart Stores

Smart Stores

Great products, high security. Our line of smart stores are a secure checkout solution filled with diverse items. Great for servicing both your employees and guests.

Office Breakroom Corporate Breakroom Coffee Services

Office Coffee Service

Keep your workplace caffeinated! We can provide bean to cup brewers, Keurig machines, high-quality espresso machines, and more! An absolute must-have for any office breakroom. 

At No Cost To You

We’ll provide our breakroom services completely free of charge. We simply rely on purchases made by your employees to provide our services.

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