Are you concerned about losing business due to nanomarket connectivity limitations?

Are you finding that some of your location’s do not want you to connect the nanomarket to the company’s network? We’ve heard you, and we’re proud to announce that there are four connectivity options available for your nanomarket!

Check out the ways you can connect your nanomarket:

Client Ethernet or WiFi

Connecting to the location’s network is the preferred method of connectivity. Simply use the Ethernet cable provided to plug directly into the location’s network. Alternatively, you can use join the WiFi network. The nanomarket setup tool will guide you through connecting and allow you to test the connection.

NEVER connect nanomarket to a public or guest WiFi that does not require authentication.

nanoconnect Ethernet

nanoconnect Ethernet is your next best connectivity option if the host location will not allow you to plug directly into their network. It offers you a direct, hardline connection to 365’s PCI Certified router. Simply plug the location’s Ethernet line into the nanoconnect Ethernet and use the Ethernet cable provided with your nanomarket in to connect it to the nanoconnect Ethernet.

*Works well if you plan to use the location’s internet connection and/or use temperature sensors in your market.

nanoconnect Cellular

nanoconnect Cellular is the robust all-in-one network solution. It uses an OptConnect cellular modem along with our PCI Certified router in one compact package. This option is perfect when you can’t use the location’s network and you plan to use temperature sensors in your market.

nanomarket™ + Cellular

nanomarket™ + Cellular

nanomarket + Cellular offers a built-in cellular connection for you nanomarket. 365 will provision the cellular connection ahead of time and include the SIM card with your nanomarket shipment. Your nanomarket will connect via cellular right out of the box, without any additional equipment.

*only available on AT&T

Read about how nanoconnect Ethernet helped Susie save the deal!

Susie’s nanomarket™ locations are growing!

She’s recently acquired a brand new customer who is excited about their new nanomarket breakroom and the boost that it will give to their company culture.

With weeks to go until the Go Live, Susie learns that the location’s IT department will not allow her to use the Ethernet cable provided with the nanomarket to connect to their company’s hardline network.

nanomarket_susie_boost company culture

Susie’s worried that she will lose the business and damage the relationship that she’s been building with them.

Susie’s not sure what to do, so she asks her 365 Rep.

He tells Susie that 365 offers four, secure connectivity options for the nanomarket, enabling her to adapt to that locations’ connectivity preferences.

Host Location IT Department

It’s the end of “one size fits all” limitations!

Susie explained the new connectivity options to the new location’s IT department and together, they decided that the nanoconnect Ether was the connectivity option that best suited them.

Susie had a fantastic Grand Opening and her customers love their new breakroom!

Way to get connected, Susie!

nanomarket success_susie

Don’t risk losing a sales opportunity! Adapt to your locations connectivity preferences with our NEW secure connectivity options! Contact us for more information!