Get to Know 365’s ADM

 2019 was a great year, wasn’t it? It was filled with many successful 365 exclusive partnerships, technology innovations that connected thousands of people around the world; and convenience opportunities that provide you and your customers with more.

Did you know that, in addition to providing your customers with 365 POS, implementing 365’s newest backend system, ADM, is just as important in to reaching micro market success?

A robust, all-in-one, backend system like ADM provides you with complete control and insight into your markets, products, and much more.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need ADM:

1. Initial Balance

Makes it easier to give funds—cash or loyalty points— to real, active users. Encourage your new- found consumers to create an account by providing them with an incentive!

2. Bundle Promotion

A new promo type that allows for more deals such as BOGO and meals. Offer your consumers ways to get more value for their dollar and spend a little bit more than they otherwise would on single items alone. Also, a good way to push fresh items off the shelf before they spoil.

3. Home Commercials

Set up and manage multiple images on your micro market technologies that come up on your screens while idle. This is a great opportunity for you to tell your consumers about a market special or snacks that are on sale or could earn them more rewards.

4. Menus (item level buttons)

Take advantage of nested menus and item level buttons that allow your customers to easily checkout. These menus and buttons are easy to customize and layout, giving consumers quick access to barcode-less items like coffee, fresh fruits, and more.

5. Reporting (scheduled reports)

With this new feature, you can do things like schedule reports, report previews, and the ability to favorite reports. Take the hassle out of manually running your daily reports and have them conveniently sent to your inbox.

A new decade calls for a new backend system. It’s time to upgrade today!

365’s innovations not only help you and your business growth, but it streamlines experiences for your consumers to keep them coming back.

Manage your business your way, on your time, all in one place.