The current customer cafeteria experience might sound a little something like this:

  1. Grabs a just washed wet plastic lunch tray

  2. Slowly slides tray passed a low variety of pre-made meals or a menu filled with limited options, while multiple cafeteria workers wait in anticipation for their order

  3. Waits in a long line to checkout

  4. Cashier rings up the order by using a traditional cash register

  5. Purchases their meal by using cash/coin and then proceeds to wait in a group of people for their lunch selection to be ready

  6. Enjoys their once hot lunch, cold

You get the picture, right? Cafeterias of yesterday, don’t fulfill today’s consumer’s needs. They don’t offer the safe convenience that is needed now, more than ever.

365Dining is bringing more to the table with cutting-edge flexible technology that includes all the system capabilities you need in ONE platform.

With the NEW OrderAhead feature—coming in May 2020— it will only be a matter of time until 365 is the leader in not only MicroMarkets but for convenience dining too.

Here is how 365Dining’s OrderAhead can help you enhance your dining locations:

Make more money!

Ok, first things first, who wouldn’t want an opportunity to make more money? 365Dining’s OrderAhead allows you to increase throughput, enhance your dining operations, and optimize labor force. This really means that OrderAhead provides YOU with greater opportunities to make money by having more customers/transactions, better offers, and easier management.

Eliminate long lines

Do you want to continue to have frustrated, unhappy customers who wait in long lines for a sandwich?

OrderAhead helps eliminate long lines by having consumers place their orders whenever they want all from their 365Pay app or via All they simply have to do is pick the items they want from their dining menu, schedule a time to pick them up, and then enjoy! It’s that easy.

Implement the latest technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges to some, but opportunities to many. Operators should be using this time to evaluate their locations and brainstorm ways on how they can bring more convenience and a worry-free checkout experience to them.

365Dinings innovative technology upgrades cafeterias and enhances customer experiences. Now with the OrderAhead feature, customers can have a touchless, worry-free checkout experience that is flexible and convenient.

Allow customers to enjoy faster hotter food

By using the OrderAhead feature, via or the 365Pay app, your customers can now enjoy faster, hotter food. Instead of waiting for their number to be called while their food is under a low-lit heat lamp, 365Dining’s OrderAhead allows them to pick up their food when it’s fresh straight from the kitchen.

Enhance overall customer satisfaction

Like I mentioned before, yesterday’s cafeterias don’t meet today’s consumer’s needs. By now, it’s clear that your customers want, and deserve, a dining environment that is no longer cold and un-inspiring or a checkout process that is stuck in the 1980s.

With OrderAhead, you’re enhancing your customer’s satisfaction by providing them a safe, quick, convenient, and flexible ordering option that is all done from their personal computers or phones.

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