Last month you learned about the updates to our frontend system, v5 and how it has brought us to the next level of MicroMarket technology. Continuing on our path to increase ease-of-use and create superior products, we have updated our backend system also! Introducing ADM! It’s a robust backend management platform that provides you with complete control and insight into your markets, products, reporting and more.

We’ve had a lot of inquiries about our updated system, so we decided to put together FAQ’s to help you navigate through ADM. Learn more by checking out the information below

Q: Overall, what improvements does ADM have?

A: With ADM, you will enjoy real-time reporting, easy-to-use dashboards, enhanced product and menu creation capabilities, automatic notification alerts, inventory management features, and dynamic on-screen Home Commercials. We wanted to keep the same features of SmartHQ that you already love and add more of what is important to operators. Our goal with ADM was to provide you with a system that allows you to manage your business your way, on your time, all in one place.

Q: How are the dashboards different from SmartHQ?

A: The ADM dashboard offers the same reporting features you’re used to in SmartHQ in a more organized, clean, and powerful format. The homepage shows kiosk connection status, daily revenue, and inventory status, which allows you to get a clear and concise view into the status of your markets to ensure they are always online.

Q: Can I set my own kiosk backgrounds?

A: Yes! Kiosk backgrounds can be set at any time you please through a feature in ADM called, “Home Commercials”. In fact, you can upload as many as you want (4 or 5 commercials recommended) and the kiosk will rotate through all of them. Inform customers about offers, new items and more. You can upload and manage images at your convenience. Using “Home Commercials” will allow you to dynamically display on-screen advertisements on idle screens.

Q: How many buttons can I place on the kiosk screen?

A: As many buttons as you want! ADM allows for an unlimited number of buttons to be placed on the screen in groups called “Menus”. Create menu buttons for items in your markets that don’t have barcodes, such as fruit or coffee pods.

Q: Can I bundle products together and offer promotions?

A: Yes, take advantage of bundling! Group your market products at promotional pricing to increase spending and decrease spoilage. ADM offers similar SmartHQ promotion types, which allows for item bundling, on-screen options, and tender type promos, so you can offer even more options for you and your customers.

From frontend enhancements to backend improvements, step up your MicroMarket game to stay up-to-date with customer needs and increase future growth opportunities for your business.

Ready to start using ADM today?