The Gen3 Kiosk

The original self-checkout technology

With over 3,500 thousand locations around the world,
the Gen3 kiosk is the industry standard.

The Gen3 kiosk transforms the breakroom experience with convenient payment options, an intuitive digital experience, and reliable uptime.

Payment Versatility

Enable quick, easy payment. Customers simply select their item, scan, and pay via credit, debit, NFC, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or the award winning 365Pay app. Let your customers pay how they want and boost micro market sales.

Enhanced Security

The Gen3 kiosk is safe and secure – keeping you and your customers’ data encrypted. Our micro market kiosk operates on our new VPN and E2EE infrastructures which leads to quick transactions, detailed reporting, data security, and multiple payment methods.

Intuitive Consumer Experience

Customer checkout has never been easier. Gen3 kiosks have global market accounts with with easier account management, new on-screen animations, unlimited buttons and layered menus. Plus, consumers can pay using the 365Pay mobile app. Enjoy smooth transactions for boosted revenues.

Commercials & Promotions

Attract customers, advertise new products, and enable custom promotions. Utilize on-screen dynamic advertising space when the screen is idle. Upload and manage images at your convenience. Entice customers and increase product purchases.

Leverage best-in-class kiosk solutions to provide a satisfying self-checkout experience for your consumers.

Leverage best-in-class kiosk solutions to provide a satisfying self-checkout experience for your consumers.

An Easy Checkout Experience

Increase transactions and provide reliable service. The Gen3 kiosk is the most widely used kiosk in the industry, so rest easy knowing you can successfully handle hundreds of thousands of purchases without interruption.

Powerful Management Tools

Utilize the 365 ADM platform to manage every aspect of your micro market. Utilize real-time reporting, product creation, inventory management, and countless other tools to get the most out of your accounts.

Industry-Best Support

Our 24/7 support team will help you with your market from start to finish. We’ll help you build perfect setups for your locations, ensure smooth grand openings, and maintain market uptime.

Get a Reliable Kiosk for a Successful Market