In a perfect world, you could reach your customers no matter where they purchased their snacks. They would come to you if they wanted a bag of chips in the market; or a fresh sandwich from the cafeteria; or a gourmet cup of joe from the office coffee bar. They’d purchase multiple items at once with a tap on their phone and be amazed at the ease of having all of their snacking needs met while they’re at work. They’d think twice about leaving their job with the convenient snacks.

… they’d transfer to a different office or move to a different company and they would still be your customer.

GMA can provide you with that perfect world for your micro market, vending, dining and OCS locations. This article is the first in a series completely dedicated to GMA and its impact on your business.

Starting with the basics, what is GMA?

Global Market Account or GMA is a stored value account that consumers can fund and use to make purchases at any GMA-enabled device in the 365 ecosystem. GMA allows consumers to use their unique email address or QR code from their mobile app on every GMA device.

Your customer has one account to use at ALL of your 365 payment stations. They access their account using the 365Pay mobile app and have the power to manage their account and make purchases right on their phone.

GMA is perfect for your larger locations that have a micro market on the main floor and a small market on the next. Or for locations with multiple buildings and workforces. The beauty of GMA is that ALL of YOUR technologies are connected, no matter where your customers end up.

GMA Benefits

Secure mobile checkout

Potential for Loyalty

Simple account management

More device options

Save on credit card processing fees

Go green! Save on receipt paper and maintenance


And more!

Do it for yourself IF…

… you are concerned about the cost of upgrading your technology to provide a seamless experience. Switching to GMA is free! All of your current 365 kiosks can be upgraded to GMA at no cost to you.

… you have multiple 365 payment stations. Adding GMA links your kiosks, nanomarkets™, ReadyTouch systems, and AirVends.

… you hate paying excessive credit card processing fees. With GMA, you’ll save money on credit card fees when your customers auto-fund using the mobile app instead of swiping every time they want a snack.

… you love the color green. Your customers’ receipts will go straight to their phone, reducing your impact on the environment, saving you money on receipt paper and on repairing/replacing the receipt printer.

… accurate reporting is important to you. SmartHQ, AVLive, and the new ADM back ends all provide you with real-time reporting.

Do it for your customers IF…

… you want your customers to have a seamless experience in all of your locations. With GMA enabled, your customers can make purchases at ANY 365 device that you operate—ANYWHERE!

… security matters. The 365Pay mobile app keeps all stored credit card information completely secure.

… you have blue collar locations that have short lunch breaks. Checking out is as fast and easy as scanning the QR code from the mobile app.

… you have white collar customers that need to refuel quickly so that they can slam-dunk their presentation.

…your locations have diverse technology experience. For your tech-savvy users, they can auto-fund and pay via the mobile app; others may prefer to auto-fund online at and checkout using their company email address.

GMA offers a plethora of opportunities for your business to grow. We’re going to spend some time demonstrating those opportunities over the coming weeks. Look out for the next article discussing the cost-saving benefits of switching to GMA.

See GMA in action!

If you want more information about GMA now, contact us and one of our dedicated reps will answer all of your questions.