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Hotel Technology
For Modern Hotels

Hotel Technology Your Guests Will Love

Your guests deserve a five-star stay. With 365 Retail Markets hotel technology, you can provide an easy-to-use, self-checkout experience for your customers – making it easy for them to get the food, drinks, and travel essentials they need.

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Upgrade Your Guest Experience 

Provide diverse food, drink, and travel essentials right on-site. Your guests can get the products they need, when they need them.

Increase Revenue Opportunities

Capitalize on convenience. Our technology helps you provide points of sale throughout your hotel – boosting overall revenues.

Reduce Labor Expenses

Your front of house employees aren’t cashiers. Self-checkout technology enables your staff to focus on their key tasks.

Elevate Your Brand

Provide an experience your guests won’t forget. Our hotel technology will help you fulfill customer needs and differentiate your brand.

Technology Built for Hotel Facilities

Our wide array of self-checkout hotel technology can serve your guests, wherever they are. Whether it’s a hotel lobby, gym, or guest floor, our micro markets, smart stores, and vending options will give your guests exceptional convenience.

Hotel Technology Micro Market

Micro Market

Provide a convenience store in your hotel lobby. Our kiosks pair with racks and coolers to provide a self-checkout experience for your guests. Travelers can buy meals, drinks, or travel necessities without help from your front desk staff.

Hotel Technology PicoMarket


PicoMarket is a self-checkout technology ideal for smaller spaces. Pair PicoMarket with a snack rack and cooler to provide a self-checkout experience for your guests. They simply pick a product, scan it, swipe, and go!

Hotel Technology PicoCooler Breeze

PicoCooler Breeze

Bring high-tech smart stores into your hotel technology experience. PicoCooler Breeze is a locked cooler that recognizes exactly what your guests select without the need to checkout. Guests issue payment, grab the product, and go.

Hotel Technology Stockwell


Create an elevated self-checkout experience. Stockwell is a sleek smart store equipped with both an ambient and cooled cabinet letting you stock a wide array of attractive products. Stockwell is truly smart – your guests just pay, grab, and go. Hotel technology has never looked so good.

Customized for Your Hotel

We’ll work with you to identify the best setup for your hotel space. We’ll create a tailor-made mix of hotel technology, products, and services to provide the best guest experience possible. We have experience improving foodservice with organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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