Say hello to the MM6 Mini for Markets from 365. The MM6 Mini is a powerful, compact, self-checkout kiosk solution that offers a premium experience at an attractive price. Ideal for midsize micro market accounts, MM6 Mini is an adaptable kiosk featuring excellent durability, security, and performance for a strong ROI.

Let’s take a closer look:

MM6 Mini’s compact size and adaptable configurations make it easy to service any account. Put it on a tabletop or mount it to a wall to create a full micro market experience in a limited space.

Delight your customers with an engaging 15.6” touchscreen featuring layered product menus, easy navigation, and informative purchase details.

MM6 Mini includes a barcode scanner for quick product selection and a versatile payment solution that accepts credit, NFC, mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and 365Pay. Plus, customers can use a stored value account to pay with ease and build up rewards.

To checkout, the user simply scans their chosen items via the built-in barcode scanner, presents payment, and the transaction is complete – it’s that easy.

Inspire repeat purchases and boost customer loyalty through custom promotions, loyalty programs, and Advana’s advertising services – turning your idle kiosk screen into a billboard that showcases new products, deals, and more.

MM6 Mini’s compact size makes it ideal for customers at many locations, but it also creates an exceptional operator experience. The small form factor allows for easy transportation, installation, and accessibility. And the front opening chassis allows for easy access to internal components – reducing service time.

Deter theft via a camera built in at the top of the kiosk capable of ultra wide 185 degree view and high-resolution images. The camera displays a real-time image of the consumer on the screen – notifying them that they are being recorded.

MM6 Mini is powered by 365’s ADM platform, where you can adjust pricing, manage products, view inventory, create pick lists, run real-time reports, and much more.

Want to mix and match MM6 Mini with other technology? Not a problem! Utilize the device with 365’s PicoCooler, PicoMarket, Stockwell, or dining options to provide a comprehensive and flexible food and beverage service to your location. Or pair MM6 Mini with an MM6 to reduce checkout time in large locations.

The MM6 Mini is the ideal solution for small to midsize locations looking for a complete micro market experience. Deploy MM6 Mini to capture new accounts and maximize your ROI.

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