Vending Machine
Card Reader

Never miss a sale.

PayPlus Vending Machine
Card Reader

Never miss a sale.

Boosted Sales

The PayPlus vending machine card reader can increase machine sales up to 30%. Provide diverse payment methods for your customers to use, wherever they are.

Reliable Hardware

Easy install and reliable hardware combine to ensure your cashless device has maximum uptime and uninterrupted sales.

Powerful Management

Utilize a robust management system to monitor your machines while increasing revenues and reducing costs with more control.

Robust Support

Keep your devices online and selling with the help of our 7-day-a-week support team. Get the help you want, anytime you need it.

PayPlus Vending Machine Card Reader Payment Types

Rugged Hardware, Reliable Sales

Give your customers more ways to pay. The PayPlus vending machine card reader is a 4G, EMV device that accepts credit, debit, mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and even mobile wallets via the 365Pay app. It’s easy for customers to swipe, tap, or dip to issue payment – increasing your overall sales.

Provide maximum uptime. Select from AT&T or Verizon cellular providers to tap into excellent service in your area. In a location with poor signal? Utilize Ethernet connection for uninterrupted sales. Keep your devices online and selling.

Easy Install and Expert Support

Deploy PayPlus vending machine card readers with ease. Devices are activated upon shipment – making it easy for you to install and go. Installing in bulk? Our team will work with you to create a plan for installation. Whether it’s one machine or thousands, going cashless has never been easier.

Access 7-day-a-week support to get the help you need, when you need it. Our team is available via phone, email or chat to help you troubleshoot devices. Don’t spend your entire day on hold. Get the assistance you need to keep your devices online, operating, and selling with ease.

PayPlus Vending Machine Card Reader Installation and Support
PayPlus Vending Machine Card Reader Tools

Powerful Management Tools

Get more out of your devices. PayPlus vending machine card readers send POS information to our management system – giving you a detailed look into your operation. Use real-time data to make precise and informed decisions about your operation that positively influence your bottom line.

Consult hundreds of reports, receive machine alerts, view inventory, and utilize merchandising recommendations to optimize your machines. Parlevel’s management system gives you countless tools that will help you spend less, sell more, and increase control over your operation.

Mobile Wallets

Engage your customers and boost sales through the 365Pay mobile app. The mobile app allows your customer to reload funds for easy payment via their phone – inspiring repeat visits and recurring purchases. Easily provide coupon codes to reward loyal customers or issue credit through the app to keep your customers happy.

Provide one app for all your points of sale. The 365Pay app empowers your customers to create a global account to use across your vending machines, micro markets, or smart stores. Make it simpler for your customers to pay.

PayPlus Vending Machine Card Reader 365Pay App

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