PicoCooler Breeze

Automated product recognition
for secure checkout.

A Secure Solution for Public Spaces.

PicoCooler Breeze utilizes AI, machine learning algorithms, and intelligent planograms to create a secure checkout environment for any location.

Expand Your Location Reach

Use PicoCooler Breeze smart coolers to capitalized on previously untapped accounts. PicoCooler Breeze is a totally secure, smart checkout solution that opens only when payment is provided – giving you access to underserved accounts.

Diverse Products

Say goodbye to coils or product slots. PicoCooler Breeze can hold any item that fits on it’s shelves. Stock high-margin items like sandwiches, salads, smoothies, full meals, and more.

Easy Checkout

PicoCooler Breeze is a locked checkout solution that can only be opened once your customer presents payment. From there, the customer selects a product, and the cooler immediately recognizes the item. Your customer simply takes the product, closes the door, and is charged accordingly.

Powerful Technology

PicoCooler uses a combination of AI recognition, load-bearing sensors, and smart planograms to know where products are at all times. Once your customer selects a product, the cooler immediately recognizes it and fills their cart.

Introducing the PicoCooler Breeze

The 365 PicoCooler Breeze provides grab-and-go options to a wide variety of locations.

The 365 PicoCooler Breeze provides grab-and-go options to a wide variety of locations.


Provide hospital staff and visitors with safe, secure, and reliable meal options. Offers a legitimate meal option for second and third shifts.


Provide delicious items to students and staff by offering a quick and secure way to purchase food and beverages wherever they are.


Give members a frictionless way to purchase better-for-you beverages, fresh food, and other impulse items.


Give travelers one less thing to worry about with convenient access to fresh meals and snacks, placed anywhere in the terminal.

Provide Self-Checkout to Public Spaces