Experience the future of unattended retail with PicoCooler Vision™, a large-capacity smart cooler designed to revolutionize the grab-and-go shopping experience. Leveraging cutting-edge product recognition technology, this innovative cooler offers a seamless, automated checkout process that enhances convenience for consumers and efficiency for operators.

High Capacity, Flexible Footprint

PicoCooler Vision™ fits perfectly into spaces typically occupied by vending machines but offers so much more. With its spacious, refrigerated storefront, you can showcase a broad assortment of products, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Whether it’s bottled beverages, fresh sandwiches, or savory snacks, this cooler can display them all attractively, enticing consumers and boosting sales.

Effortless Shopping Experience

Say goodbye to the hassle of scanning items or dealing with traditional vending mechanisms. PicoCooler Vision™ allows consumers to shop freely from the shelves. Advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence automatically recognize the items taken and charge the consumer’s payment method accurately. This frictionless shopping experience not only enhances customer satisfaction but also streamlines the purchasing process.

Unlock New Locations with Confidence

Expand your reach by bringing PicoCooler Vision™ to industries such as hospitality, healthcare, and higher education. Its secure access system ensures that only consumers who present a cashless payment method can open the cooler, making it perfect for semi-public spaces. This security feature allows operators to confidently place these smart coolers in a wider variety of locations, tapping into new markets and increasing potential sales.

Easy Integration and Management

Integrating PicoCooler Vision™ into your operation is straightforward. With a similar form factor to a standard vending machine, it fits seamlessly into your existing vending spaces. Simply plug it in, connect to cellular service, and it’s ready to start selling.

Order Ahead with the 365Pay App

The cooler’s flexible planograms make it easy to update your product selection to match consumer demand or seasonal trends. Adding new inventory is as simple as uploading a picture and setting a price, without the need for RFID tagging or vendor product library limitations.

Essential Insights for Better Management

Stay on top of your sales with comprehensive back-office reporting. PicoCooler Vision supports various cashless transactions, including major mobile wallets, the 365Pay app, and standard credit/debit cards. Whether you’re at your desk using ADM or on the go with the 365Ops app, you can easily track what’s selling and make informed decisions to optimize your inventory and maximize sales.

Provide a Better Self-Checkout Experience