PicoCooler Vision™

Open the Door to Consumer Convenience


Open the Door
to Consumer

Secure Checkout for Untapped Locations

PicoCooler Vision is a large capacity smart cooler that creates an effortless unattended grab & go retail experience through automatic product recognition technology. With a vast capacity for merchandising, operators open the door to enhanced consumer convenience across a wider variety of location types.

High Capacity,
Flexible Footprint

  • Fit a similar space as a vending machine
  • Offer a spacious, refrigerated storefront
  • Widen the product assortment in your busiest locations
  • Tap into common areas bustling with consumers

In-Demand Items

  • Move from selling from spirals to shelves
  • Profile bottled beverages alongside savory sandwiches and fresh items
  • Provide unrestricted views to the items for sale.
  • Appeal to the appetite of those passing by while boosting transaction size.

No Need to
Scan or Vend

  • Let consumers freely shop the shelves
  • Simply grab & go with selected products
  • Automate checkout with computer vision and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Accurately charge for products taken from PicoCooler Vision

New Locations

  • Bring a fresh take on self-service to industries like hospitality, healthcare, and higher education
  • Confidently unlock opportunities in semi-public places
  • Restrict cooler access until consumers present their cashless payment method

Seamlessly Integrate PicoCooler Vision into Your Operation

mm6 for markets security

Easy Installation

Upgrade your vending accounts. A similar form factor to a standard vending machine means PicoCooler Vision fits into your existing vending spaces. Plug in, connect to cellular service, and you’re ready to start selling.

mm6 for markets easy management tools

Flexible Planograms

Easily update your product selection to match consumer demand or include seasonal favorites. Add new inventory to your planogram without RFID tagging or vendor product library limitations. Upload a picture, set the price, and let our smart solution do the rest.

mm6 for markets increased market uptime

Essential Insights

From major mobile wallets to the 365Pay app and standard credit/debit cards, view sales from cashless transactions in granular, consolidated back-office reporting. Know what’s selling from your desk using ADM or in the field with the 365Ops app.


Provide a Better Self-Checkout Experience