365’s PicoPlatform

Unattended retail has never been so easy

Whether relying on the PicoMarket or PicoCooler to power your unattended retail markets, your guests will be interacting with the Pico payment terminal to complete their transaction.

The Pico device is our smallest but most versatile technology that can be used on a kiosk (PicoMarket, PicoMarket+), on a cooler (PicoCooler, PicoCooler Breeze) or a vending machine (PicoVend).

PicoPlatform Kiosks

PicoMarket & PicoMarket+

  • Small-format kiosk with full functionality
  • Perfect for small markets or streamlining checkout at busier locations
  • Enhances customer experience’s with quick scan
    and 365Pay app integration that includes Loyalty

PicoMarket+ incorporates a bill acceptor, for added payment flexibility.

PicoPlatform Smart Coolers

PicoCooler & PicoCooler Breeze

  • Self-contained, self-service experience in the smallest of spaces
  • Choose locked or unlocked user experience
  • Perfect for semi-public or public spaces

PicoCooler Breeze adds the convenience of automated product recognition for a frictionless consumer experience.

PicoPlatform Vending Technology

PicoVend & PicoVend Mini

  • Compatible with the majority of popular vending machine models
  • Enables GMA and Loyalty options via 365Pay for vending customers
  • Increases driver efficiency with accurate inventory information

Never miss a sale with flexible connectivity and more payment options for your customers.


PicoPlatform solutions feature:

  • Convenient Connectivity: Versatile connectivity options including cellular, ethernet and WiFi on every Pico device
  • Global Market Accounts: For the easiest user-experience across all of your 365 technology
  • Gift Cards: Create gift cards to share with your employees or special customers that they can use in your markets

Discover the versatility of the PicoPlatform.