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The controlled cooler functionality (PicoCooler) is ready to order.

Have you ever come across a convenience technology that is used in multiple different ways? (We’ll wait for you to answer…)

We’re constantly developing technology with our consumers in mind. That’s why you can use the PicoPlatform as a controlled cooler technology (PicoCooler) or on a vending machine (PicoVend). This gives your customers the option to use it as they best see fit.

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It’s simple: our technologies bring convenience to you and your consumers.

The 365 Connected Campus℠ is the most innovative convenience option in the industry. Seamlessly connect your MicroMarket, OCS, Vending, and Dining technologies all by using one Global Market Account (GMA). Which means all your consumers need is one mobile app and one account to check out at any 365 technology.
We built a complete connected ecosystem to ensure your consumers have secure technology at every touch point. It’s the first fully integrated consumer experience of its kind. So yes, you can say that we’re everywhere you need us to be.

Fresh food, healthy snacks, meals, and beverages just like you would find at a convenience store! Our innovative and automated kiosks and tablets are the heart of your micro market and provide customers around the world a stress-free purchasing experience. 

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Vending machines have been around for decades and we’re changing the way people use them. Your consumers need more than traditional cash/coin vending machines and you need (and deserve) more ROI. That’s why we offer low-cost, innovative, vending hardware that provides you with more revenue opportunities.

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At 365, we have technology for not only vending and micro markets, but dining too. Experience the power of 365Dining.

365Dining provides cutting-edge technology through point-of-sale systems. 365Dining systems are a great fit for onsite dining operations within locations such as corporations, schools, and healthcare.

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Popularity has grown where we no longer search for cash or coins in our bags or wallets. Instead, we pay for things with a simple tap or scan wherever we may be. Cashless payment apps are here to stay and using mobile payments is a faster, more convenient and more secure than cash or credit/debit cards.

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