365 Retail Markets Products

Your One-Stop-Shop for Unattended Retail Technology

Self-Checkout Kiosks

Our collection of self-checkout, micro market kiosks transform employee breakroom experiences. Provide excellent service and maximize micro market profits through convenient payment options, intuitive checkout experiences, and reliable uptime.

Vending Technology

Spend less, sell more, and take control of your operations. Our PayPlus credit card reader and Vending Management System (VMS) work together to help you run a leaner, more successful operation.

Smart Stores

Take advantage of untapped locations with 365 smart store technology. Our high security, product diverse solutions help you offer your services in new locations like hotels, transit stations, gyms, and more. Tap into smart cabinet or smart cooler technology to grow your business.

Dining Technology

Provide unattended, attended, or hybrid dining service to your locations. As part of our Connected Campus℠ solution, you can provide an easy checkout solution across all points of sale. Our POS systems, self-service kiosks, KDS, and food lockers work in harmony to help you satisfy your dining customers.

Mobile Technology

Enable your customers to interact with your points of sale, wherever they are. Through the 365Pay app, customers can load funds, earn rewards, and checkout with one account across vending machines, micro market kiosks, smart stores, dining solutions, and more.

Warehouse Operations

Streamline your warehouse operations. Through our LightSpeed warehouse solutions, you can optimize your pick systems to reduce errors, increase speed, and maintain accurate inventory control – helping you to reduce labor costs and run a tighter warehouse.


Provide extensive catering options to your high-value accounts. Utilize our Spoonfed catering software to connect with local restaurants, receive catering orders, and provide delicious, ready-made food to your customers.

Menu Management

Manage menus and provide ingredient transparency to your customers. Our Kafoodle menu management software helps you manage digital menus, track food waste, and provide accurate labeling to your customers – saving time and money while adhering to food compliance principles.

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