365 Professional Installation Services

Get Your Technology Up and Running

Professional Install for Rapid Adoption

Get your unattended retail technology installed quickly. Our professional services team will help you create, install, and train on new technology solutions like micro markets, dining setups, smart stores, vending, and more.


Partner with your Account Manager to scope out the right technologies and services for your unique dining operation.

Go-Live & Ongoing Support

Go-Live support and ongoing resources to ensure you are set up to capture every transaction.

Hardware Setup & On-Site Install

Configure and test all equipment. On-site installation and training for your crew.

Quote Accepted & Project Kick-Off

Begin working with your Professional Services agent, who will be your primary point of contact.

Project Planning & Menu Building

Establish project milestones and tasks to keep on schedule. Begin building out menus.

365 Professional Installation Services First Class Space

We’ll Help You Create a First-Class Space

We’ll make sure you have the right design for the right space. We’ll help work with you to build out custom space mockups, physically install equipment, and train your team for ongoing success. 365 professional installation services is more than just installing kiosks and machines, it’s about instilling confidence and the know-how for our customers.

Whether it’s micro markets, smart stores, or dining, we’ll work hand-in-hand to match your technology requirements and your accounts’ needs.

365 Professional Installation Services micro markets

Micro Markets

We’ll help you identify kiosk type, snack rack quantities, coolers / freezers, and other items essential for micro market success.

365 Professional Installation Services smart stores

Smart Stores

Whether it’s a smart cooler, smart pantry, or computer vision POS, our team will help you install and calibrate the latest and greatest technology.

365 Professional Installation Services dining


We’ll work together on custom menus, self-checkout kiosks, Kitchen Display Systems, and more to deliver the ideal dining experience.

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