ReadyFlex POS

Self-service and cashier capabilities within one intuitive platform.

Provide Cashier and Self-Service Checkout

Run a 24/7 Market with Unattended and Attended Options

Easy Mode Switching

Easily transition between self-service and cashier mode to better accommodate traffic, labor fluctuations and any day-parting needs.

Access Real-Time Sales Data

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Robust Functionality

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Perfect Orders Every Time

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A part of the 365Dining Platform

A part of the 365Dining Platform

Order Management System

Micro Market Max 2.0 is the perfect solution for a successful unattended market setup. Your customers will love the ease of checking out through the Kiosk and you’ll love providing a profitable, reliable Micro Market experience.

Mobile Ordering & Loyalty via 365Pay App

Micro Market Max 2.0 is backed by a powerful management system that helps you get the most out of your locations. Live sales and inventory data, product stocking recommendations, customizable promotions, service alerts, spoilage reports, and more help you maximize location profitability.

Catering & Hospitality Management

Parlevel’s support team will help you with your market from start to finish. We’ll help you customize mockups to pitch accounts, build perfect setups for your locations, ensure smooth grand openings, and maintain market uptime.

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