Save time by checking your 365 kiosk’s connectivity by following these quick and easy how-to steps.

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We’ve received a lot of interest around our exclusive remote online/offline kiosk status capability, so we decided to do a little spotlight on the topic to help operators around the world ensure that their locations are always up and running. (We don’t want to have hangry customers!)

Check the connectivity status of the following devices on the Legacy platform via Smart HQ:

  • Gen 1 Kiosk

  • Gen 2 Kiosk

  • Gen 3 Kiosk / Gen 3c Kiosk

Check the connectivity status of the following devices on the V5 platform via ADM or on-site from the device directly:

  • V5 MicroMarket (including Legacy to V5 PC swaps)

  • NanoMarket™

  • 365Dining Platform/ReadyTouch

  • PicoCooler

So, hold the phone! Follow the 365 HelpCenter guide to get the online/offline answers you need quickly!

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