Say “hi” to Susie.

Susie runs a successful vending and OCS company.

For many years, Susie has taken care of “the little guy” by catering to smaller locations—typically less than 150 people.

Susie has a great relationship with her customers and now they are requesting healthier products and a wider variety of beverage and snack choices. Susie’s customers want MicroMarkets!

Susie’s worried that she will lose business if she is unable to deliver.

Always willing to meet her customer demands, Susie is nevertheless concerned about the financial investment it will take to convert a smaller location to a MicroMarket.

After careful research, Susie discovered the solution to her problems—the 365 nanomarket™.

Susie has an idea about how to upgrade the breakroom

With the nanomarket, Susie:

  • Kept her financial investment in line with the smaller employee count.

  • Provided a self-checkout tablet that is as fast and secure as a full-sized kiosk.

  • Improve customer service by delivering quality snacks on a consistent schedule.

  • Provided customers with cashless payment options, including credit/debit card, or via the 365Pay mobile app on their smartphone.

  • Increased sales volume at her accounts.

  • Boosted customer loyalty to ensure that clients will continue to choose her company to service their breakroom needs.

After implementing nanomarkets in her small locations, Susie has seen an increase in overall revenue and customer satisfaction. Her customers love the look and feel of their new nanomarket breakroom.

Susie for the WIN!

nanomarket success_susie

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