Smart Store Breakroom

Smart technology for better breakrooms

A smarter food and beverage solution.

Access delicious food and beverage options in areas that need security. Our smart stores are secure, checkout solutions that only open when payment is presented. Ideal for areas with high in-and-out traffic where security is needed but a vending machine just won’t cut it.


Our smart store breakrooms are highly secure, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.


Say goodbye to stale chips and unhealthy soda. We can provide sandwiches, salads, juices, and more.

Easy to Use

Our smart stores are truly smart. Simply present payment, open the door, choose a product, and enjoy!

Everywhere You Are

Ideal for offices, hotel lobbies, hospitals, airports, colleges, multi-tenant buildings, and more!

Easy grab and go.

Provide delicious refreshment and convenience without sacrificing atmosphere. Our line of smart stores will elevate your space while providing delicious snacks, meals, and drinks.

Choose the Right Smart Store Breakroom for You

Choose the Right Smart Store Breakroom for You

Smart Store Breakroom with a Stockwell

A smart cabinet with both refrigerated and ambient space. Simply issue payment, grab a product, and walk away. Stockwell is a smart store offering that makes it easy for you to grab your items and go on with your day.

Smart Store Breakroom with a PicoCooler Breeze

A highly secure, smart cooler stocked with your favorite chilled meals and beverages. A fresh take on traditional coolers and vending machines that offers more product versatility and a wider, healthier, snack and beverage selection.

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