Convenience technology improves experiences across many avenues and helps alleviate issues for consumers. Top innovative technologies have made ordering groceries by a click of a button, having food delivered to your door, understanding consumer behavior and taking inventory faster and easier.

People and businesses are more open to adapting to new trends and technologies when they bring purpose and value to their lives and help make our everyday hassle-free. While some of these technologies may take time to implement into our routines, others are easily adaptable but still bring value.

365 Retail Markets strives to develop innovative and unique solutions that ease how consumers and operators use and interact with micro markets. One of 365-convenience innovations that is making inventory uncomplicated for operators around world and is easily adapted is the NEW Scandit technology within SmartInventory.

You can now complete inventory at your micro markets on-site right from your own mobile device by simply enabling your camera function. Mobile device scanning allows drivers and operators to use their own devices without worrying about third-party scanners or peripherals.

This new feature is within our SmartInventory site for all legacy kiosks and locations and brings operators/drivers benefits such as:

  • All-in-one tool
  • Avoids costly inventory tools
  • Faster completion of inventory
  • Helps reduce shrinkage
  • Eliminates scan trigger with auto-detect scan barcode capability

Taking regular inventory at your locations provides you with a better understanding of what is selling and what isn’t, but with the new Scandit feature, you’re given flexibility for how you track your inventory with 365 and more.

Check out how easily you can now do inventory!

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