Smart, Secure, Unattended.


Smart, Secure, Unattended.

Smart Cabinets, Better Convenience.

Offer your locations a smart cabinet filled with in-demand products across both refrigerated and ambient space. Customers simply issue payment, grab a product, and walk away.

A.I. Product Recognition

Make checkout easy. Computer vision, smart planograms, and product recognition sensors eliminate the need for product scanning. Stockwell knows what products are selected and charges your customers accordingly.

Dual-Climate Zones

Stock in-demand, high-margin items. Stockwell features both ambient and refrigerated sections, which enables you to stock everything from sandwiches and salads to chips and everyday essentials.

Attractive Design

Create a premium unattended experience. Stockwell’s attractive design helps you service new, profitable locations like luxury apartment complexes, airports, hotels, hospitals, and other untapped accounts.

Multiple Payment Options

Boost your customer satisfaction. With just walk away technology, you can provide your locations with easy checkout and increased convenience. Capture new accounts and improve your relationship with current customers.

Take Advantage of the Next Step in Unattended Retail

Smart Store Technology that Improves Your Business

Smart Store Technology that Improves Your Business

Stock high-margin, in-demand items like smoothies, fresh juices, salads, sandwiches and meal kits. Sell travel essentials like toothpaste, makeup wipes or mouthwash at hotels. Stock get-well teddy bears and flowers in a hospital. Sell protein drinks, headphones or even apparel at a gym. With Stockwell, the options are endless.

Stockwell new accounts

Capture New Accounts

Stockwell provides product diversity and high-security in an attractive package. Appeal to untapped locations and grow your business.

stockwell boosted sales

Boost Sales

Expand your service footprint. Pitch Stockwell to existing accounts to boost overall sales and improve your customer experience.

stockwell differentiation

Differentiate Your Business

Stand out from the crowd. Get started with Stockwell smart stores to offer the next step in unattended retail technology.

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