GMA drives sales 20%

There are real savings available to you by switching to GMA, but they’re only attainable IF you can get the locations to buy in. With GMA:

‣ You save on credit card processing fees when your customers auto-fund instead of swiping for every transaction.

‣ Less time is spent funding at the kiosk means more customers that can make purchases at the kiosk.

‣ Sales increase because people spend more when they aren’t physically holding cash.

How do you convert an established location from making one-off transactions with their credit and debit cards to auto-funding with the mobile app? Follow along, and I’ll give you some tried and true methods to upgrade your accounts and make the most of your new GMA-enabled business.

Host a Second/Re-Grand Opening

Everybody loves a good party, so host a re-grand opening with all of the fanfare you put into the first one. [Need a refresher? Read: Micro Market Grand Openings—It’s a Party] . This event is very important. It gives you an opportunity to be onsite when the conversion happens, enabling you to answer questions, troubleshoot issues or setup their account for them on the spot. Send your most knowledgeable and personable team members.

Incentives and Promotions

Listen, not everyone is going to buy in just because; some people will need a little convincing. Introduce them to your good friend Mr. Washington if they set up auto-funding on their account. Giving them a cash incentive will encourage them to adopt the new system. Offer BOGO deals that are only available when using the app.

Build Awareness

Communication and signage is a very important step. If the location will allow it, email your end users prior to the switch and have announcements placed in the breakroom prior to your arrival. Preemptive educational pieces will help your team onsite so that they can spend less time explaining the switch and more time converting accounts.

Know the Culture

Every location is different; blue-collar locations and white-collar locations are different. Plan accordingly. Consult with their HR department or office manager to find out how their breaks scheduled. A location with 15-minute breaks will be less willing to spend their time talking to your reps on their break. Maybe there’s an opportunity to convert them before their shift starts. Other locations may not allow their employees to carry their phones except when they’re on break. All of that limits the amount of time to switch their accounts.

We want to help you get the most out of your growing business. Contact us today to learn more about flipping the GMA switch on your locations. And look out for the next article in the series as we discuss mobile payments within GMA.