Engines roared and tires squealed while you enjoyed the thrill of lavish cars racing on the track.

The meeting room was filled with industry leaders, learning about great strategic partnerships and innovative convenience technologies.

You sipped on cocktails while listening to a live band, watching the sunset over the Detroit River on a beautiful yacht.

And then you soaked up the warm sun while watching what seemed to be endless amounts of classic cars at the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Oops! Sorry. We’re just reminiscing about our recent Detroit Tech Expo experience that we hosted along with G&J, NewCo and USA Technologies, last week here in Michigan. It was a HUGE success! We are always thrilled to share, host and learn from our great partners. 365 is dedicated to your goals and making your businesses a success!

365 Partnerships

Partnership is a big focus of 365’s and we believe it is the key to success in the convenience services industry. Anyone can provide you with self-checkout technology, but it takes partnering with a global leader to bring you what you need and more. This event was a thank you to our partners for their continued partnership in addition to learning new ways to grow, succeed, and innovate together.

The Detroit Tech Expo was filled with tons of fun at the M1 Concourse track and the Detroit River boat cruise. More importantly though was the Tech Expo meeting where we shared what we’ve been up to and how our new enhancements and technology announcements benefit their partnership.

A few of our special sponsors, March Networks, Panoptyc, Advana, Ametek PowerVar, and Apriva, shared insight into how their services integrate with 365 and provide consumers with an even better micro market experience.

Tech Announcements

During the Tech meeting, partners got the opportunity to get more up close and personal with the NEW PicoMarket, set to launch in early 2020.

The PicoMarket is 365’s smallest and most versatile technology; our newest innovation can be used on a vending machine, a cooler or any small semi-public environment.

We also dug deeper into the redesigned 365Pay App, Zendesk enhancements, product roadmap, Valet to V5 transition, and got to know the faces behind the 365 team during the Tech Meeting as well.

The Detroit Tech Expo meeting and events were dedicated to our partners and we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from the attendees:

Thank you for including us! Those were such great events. I don’t think I’ve ever driven a car so nice and I know I’ve never drove a car so fast legally. Every person I talked to there had a blast. We appreciate all the hard work and effort the team at 365 put in to coordinate so many days of activities. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to something that was that much fun! We look forward to a bright future with 365.”365 Exclusive Partner, Detroit Tech Expo Attendee

Take Aways

The convenience industry is rapidly growing. Providing operators with just technology doesn’t cut it anymore. We continue to see the need to join expert forces and help operators strategically grow their business across the globe.

The 365 Exclusive Partnership is one-of-a-kind because it’s unique to each of our operators. And as you saw, we like to have some fun along the way! The Detroit Tech Expo is just one example of how we show appreciation for you, our partners.

Thank you to our sponsors, attendees and everyone who made the Detroit Tech Expo one for the books!

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