Going touchless is not just a trend, but a lifestyle.  Public spaces, like micro markets, need to have safe, touch-free options so consumers can stay healthy. With 365 Retail Markets efforts to offer a safe way to checkout, we are adding our v5 kiosk to the list of our Touchless Transaction℠ technologies!   

Your customers can scan items to their kiosk cart and checkout using various methods of payment, including:

  • GMA through the 365Pay app 
  • Scanning their market card 
  • Swiping their debit/credit card at the kiosk 
  • Using NFC mobile wallet payments 

This new feature helps your customers take advantage of the Touchless Transaction technology, allowing them to feel safe while making their purchases. This type of security places trusts in your customers now and for the future, knowing that your micro market will be a safe, viable option for them. 

Ready to add another Touchless Transaction℠ technology to your micro market?