Traditional vending machines don’t fit today’s consumer needs.

Upgrade your vending offerings with 365’s cashless touchscreen technologies. Provide vending experiences for today and the future.

365Inside, cashless payment system for vending machines

PicoVend Mini

The 365 PicoVend Mini is an innovative self-service vending technology that fits on any standard NAMA knockout with a smaller footprint, making it more versatile and able to fit on most machine models.

As part of the 365 PicoPlatform, the PicoVend Mini is a great addition to your vending fleet with its 365 Global Market Account access, touchless flexible payments, on-screen nutritional information, Promotions and Connectivity versatility, and more.

The 365 PicoVend Mini and gives your consumers vending convenience they need and deserve.


The new age vending technology that is convenience driven and consumer focused.

PicoVend provides operators with advanced vending technology for this decade that is easy to integrate and upgrade. PicoVend provides consumers with:

  • Interactive, dynamic touchscreen display
  • Connectivity and payment versatility
  • Upgrade to standard vending machines
  • On-screen promotions and advertising opportunities
  • And more!

365 Touchless Vending

The industry’s go-to for contactless vending experiences! Provide your customers with safer, worry-free vending all from their smartphone via the 365Pay app. This innovative touchless solution requires no connectivity setup, it works between your vending machine and the consumer’s phone via a simple Bluetooth connection!

  • Quick checkout from personal phones
  • Traditional vending upgrade
  • Vending snacking made easy

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