System (VMS)

Sell more, spend less, and
optimize your operations.

Cash Accountability

Reduce theft and remotely check cash meters and track money bags to ensure your drivers return from their routes with correct dollar amounts every time, down to the cent.


Streamline your product ordering process. Cut inventory cost by ordering precise amounts of product. Track every product as it moves from warehouse, to truck, to machine.

Machine Alerts

Vending software alerts you to bill jams, coin jams, compressor failures, and other machine issues as they happen. Minimize machine downtime, and keep your machines up and selling.

Top-to-Bottom Solution

Parlevel’s VMS is the only solution that lets you manage Vending, Micro Markets, and Office Coffee Service side-by-side. One easy and powerful system, all of your business lines.

See How Our VMS Works

Dynamic Routing

Eliminate unnecessary stops, and only service machines that really need it.

Plan your routes based on factors that are important to you like money to collect, sold outs, inventory levels, and more. The VMS will help you plan routes that make sense for your operation. With dynamic routing, you can save time and money by servicing your machines more efficiently.

Precise Prekitting

Save valuable time when loading your machines.

Parlevel’s VMS will tell you exactly what you need to bring to your machines ahead of time. Load your truck with the exact quantity and type of product each machine on your route needs. Save up to 15 minutes per machine serviced, and eliminate product returning on your truck.

Merchandising & Optimization

Increase machine sales by optimizing your planograms.

View product recommendations for each slot in each machine to stock products you know sell well. Replace slow movers with high-demand products and watch your machine sales soar. Effective product merchandising can increase machine sales up to 15% and decrease product spoilage up to 30%.

In-Depth Reports

Run detailed analytics to get a better understanding of your operation.

Generate more than 70 different reports inside the vending software like machine stock-outs, product sales, top 10 products, and others. Find the exact data you are looking for and make informed decisions to run a more successful operation.


Getting started is easier than you think. No matter the size of your operation, our Customer Success team will work closely with you to get you onboard at your pace.

Support You Can Count On

Get the help you need, whenever you need it. Our always ready Support Team is available via phone, email, or chat to effectively resolve any problems that potentially arise.

Gain Control of Your Operation