Welcome to the 365 Retail Markets HQ! 365’s office is located in Troy, Michigan. The office was recently renovated from top to bottom to provide our employees with the best working experience possible. We added an extra floor for our ever-growing team and divided the building to give each team their own work area.

When you first walk in, you’ll see our welcome area where visitors can check in and wait for them to be allowed into the facilities. As we move through the office, we have plenty of smaller conference rooms where employees can set up meetings and presentations.

Next is our QA lab where we regularly test all hardware and software which is all developed and assembled in-house. We want to make sure every solution we offer to our customers is tried, tested, and ready to go.

This is our support area. The majority of support happens out of the 365 Retail Markets HQ. These monitors above show stats and real-time updates on support metrics. The leadership team has similar dashboards to monitor performance and any influx of calls to help quickly identify potential issues in the field. We aim to be both proactive and reactive to keep our technology running smoothly.

Here is our wonderful lounge. Being an unattended retail company, we had to make sure to create a lounge that reflects the wonderful setups that we sell. Designed by internal teams and external consultants, we’ve created a space that showcases how our technology can be used separately and together. Plus, employees get the added benefit of having delicious food, snacks, and beverage options right on-site.

365 has another building right across the street. This is our production area where all 365-based business products are currently assembled. We have additional assembly in Arizona and San Antonio. This is where kiosks are staged and go through final QC before being packed up and shipped to our customers. Our production area is designed so that customers can expect reliable, timely delivery of every product ordered from us.

I hope we were able to shine some light on how the 365 Retail Markets HQ was constructed to help us better serve our customers and enable our employees to work in a place that is positive, flexible and energizing. 365 is growing quickly and we’re always looking for exceptional talents to help scale our operations. Want to join the team? Visit www.365retailmarkets.com/careers and apply to one of our many open positions today.

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