The 365Pay App

Add mobile self-checkout to your 365 Connected Campus

Everything end users need all in one place

Enable your customers to use their smartphones for easy checkout, automatic funding, rewards, and more.

Increase Sales

Let your customers pay directly from their smartphones! Whether its through your micro market, vending, smart store, or dining technology, 365Pay provides a frictionless way for your customers to check out.

Touchless Payments

Maximize location health and safety. With 365Pay, customers use their own smartphones to checkout at your points of sale – removing the need to physically touch your technology.

Works on All 365 Devices

Create one checkout experience for your customers. Enable them to use one app and one stored value account to checkout across all your points of sale. Customers can quickly and easily purchase from your micro markets, vending machines, smart stores, and more.

Loyalty and Rewards

Boost customer engagement. 365Pay enables users to view purchase history, load funds, and build loyalty and reward points! Keep your customers coming back by incentivizing their purchases.

The 365Pay App provides the convenience of a single stored value account (GMA) that works seamlessly in MicroMarkets, Vending, and Dining.

Faster Transactions

Utilize the 365Pay app as a line buster by letting customers purchase products from their phones! Powered by the 365Beacon, the 365Pay app utilizes the camera on the customer’s phone to scan barcodes of any product in the market, adding it to their mobile cart. All they do next is press the “Checkout” button, and they are good to go.

Payments Made Easy

Let your consumers add funds to their Global Market Account via payment methods that they’re most familiar with. The 365Pay app supports credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and many more options!

Grab-and-Go Convenience

Make checkout easy on any 365 Retail Markets product with the 365Pay app. After scanning or choosing products at the point-of-sale, your customers can simply scan their app QR code and be on their way.

Don’t limit the way your customers pay.