Your workplace deserves a better breakroom. Gone are the days of employee breakrooms that smell of cheap coffee and offer little more than candy bars and drinks to fuel your employees. Your breakroom should be a place your employees actually enjoy. A place where workers feel refreshed, motivated, and ready to tackle the day.

With a micro market setup from 365 Retail Markets you can provide just that. Our micro markets provide your employees a modern breakroom solution loaded with fresh food and unmatched variety, ranging from full meals to the perfect answer for mid-afternoon snack cravings. With a delicious choice of options right on-site, you can create a breakroom that motivates employees, boosts productivity, and creates an appealing workplace environment.
Our award-winning PicoMarket solution makes it easy for your employees to grab, pay, and enjoy! Customers can count on a fast and easy self-checkout experience that rivals any traditional retail environment.

When we say checkout is fast, we mean it’s FAST! Simply grab your item, scan it at the kiosk, and pay. That’s it! With a variety of accepted payment options, we give your workplace the flexibility to pay how they want. You can pay via credit or debit cards, a market member card, the 365Pay app or mobile wallet methods. Want to pay with cash? Our PicoMarket+ lets you load cash onto your member account.

PicoMarket transforms your breakroom into a hub for your employees. You can use the on-screen display to highlight corporate events, share employee wellness tips, or general company updates.

The device has a small footprint, which means it can be placed in areas both small and large. Have a large space or busy breakroom area? Easily add multiple checkout devices so employees can avoid long lines and get on with their days (or snacks)!

365 products can be tailored to what you and your employees value. As the global leader in unattended retail technology, we are experts in delivering benefits to clients. Our platform enables wellness, loyalty, and incentive programs, allowing you to customize your micro market to serve your needs.

As a US-based company, 365 is certified in the highest standards of consumer privacy and security. You can count on us to reliably manage your breakroom through our AWS-hosted servers while maintaining an exceptional level of professional services.

Make your breakroom a better place to be!