Stockwell is a secure, unattended smart store that is game-changing for food and beverage operators. With just-walk-away technology, Stockwell helps businesses capitalize on previously underutilized locations to find success.

Want to get the most out of a Stockwell setup? Here are 4 tips and tricks that will help you maximize your profits:

1. Capitalize on Untapped Locations

Since Stockwell is a secure, locked unattended smart store, you can safely offer products to areas with highly transient consumers. Stockwell is perfect for semi-public areas with high traffic or captive audiences.

Stockwell unattended smart store

Think of places like car dealerships, hospitals, airports, college campuses, or hotels. Of course, Stockwell can also provide added value to your current locations, such as extending a micro markets’ footprint.

2. Stock High Margin Items

The beauty of Stockwell is that it’s locked and secure like a vending machine, but you aren’t stuck offering products that only fit in spirals. With wide and tall shelves, plus both refrigerated and ambient sections, your only limit is your imagination. This means you can serve diverse, delicious products in locations where you previously couldn’t.

So, think outside the box! Stock high-margin, in-demand items like smoothies, fresh juices, salads, sandwiches, and meal kits. Sell travel essentials like toothpaste, makeup wipes, or mouthwash at hotels. Stock get-well teddy bears and flowers in a hospital. Sell protein drinks, headphones, or even apparel at a gym. With Stockwell, the options are endless.

3. Educate Your Customer

Like micro markets before them, unattended smart stores like Stockwell can have a bit of a learning curve for your customers. To help them feel comfortable using Stockwell, you need to give them the confidence to use it correctly. Provide signage to display next to the Stockwell detailing the

checkout process. Send an email to your location with how-to videos. Or hold a grand opening where you can teach consumers about Stockwell in person.

And don’t worry, we have all of this material on hand and ready to provide to you. From videos to PDFs and print outs, we have all the material you need to help your customers use Stockwell with confidence.

4. Learn from a Pro

Lean on 365’s training and support team to leverage Stockwell like a pro. With on-site training and implementation services, we can train you and your staff on proper setup and configuration of Stockwell.

Whether you want to train on site, in your warehouse, or remotely, our team is ready to help you master the ins and outs of Stockwell. Outside of hardware setup, we can train you on best practices like product merchandising, servicing, route planning, and more.

Stockwell has the potential to open your business to new possibilities. With these 4 tips and tricks, you can add Stockwell to your product offerings – helping you to better serve your customers, capture new locations, and grow your business.

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