In the ever-evolving world of convenience and automation, one name stands out – Stockwell. This innovative automated retail solution transforms the way we shop, bringing an entirely new checkout experience to the masses. The Stockwell 2.0 offers a unique blend of versatility, security, and profit potential that operators can leverage to drive new revenue streams.  

Stockwell effectively marries security and product diversity to profitably serve previously untapped accounts. Here are some attributes of Stockwell to consider when placing it into an account. 

Stockwell – High Security, Diverse Locations 

Due to the flexibility of Stockwell, operators have the freedom to place it in diverse locations. Since Stockwell has both refrigerated and ambient sections, you can offer diverse products that appeal to multiple taste profiles. Plus, its locking door and AI-powered computer vision technology combine to offer a highly secure location. As a result, Stockwell works best in locations that are high-traffic and have a high in-and-out population. Even better are locations that have captive audiences – places where customers can’t easily leave to pursue other options.  

Let’s look at some real-world examples. Thanks to the power of social media, we’ve seen Stockwell units popping up in many different types of locations. These examples illustrate how Stockwell is more than just a vending machine or a micro market; it’s a revenue-generating smart store. 

7 Successful Stockwell Locations 

Here are seven strategic locations where you can place your Stockwell to unlock new revenue streams: 

  • Hospitals: Ideal for both hospital staff and visitors, Stockwell caters to people who didn’t plan for a lengthy hospital stay. Plus, the 24/7 accessibility helps deliver convenient food and beverage options outside of traditional cafeteria hours. You can offer high-margin items like phone chargers, full sandwiches, salads, and even decks of cards. 
  • Dealerships and Car Service Stations: A perfect option for customers waiting for their vehicles. Lengthy oil changes or negotiations with salespeople require more than just chips and soda. Operators can stock crossword puzzles, quick snacks, bottled coffee, headphones, and more. 
  • Fitness Centers: The average gym goer won’t want to sip on soda while they work out, and not every gym has the funds or space for a full-service café. Enter Stockwell, which can offer fitness enthusiasts healthy, on-the-go products. Provide protein bars, workout supplements, premium headphones, yoga mats, fitness gear, energy drinks, meal replacement shakes, and more. Enhance members post-workout experience and boost your revenue. 
  • Government Offices and Service Centers: People waiting for passport applications, social security, DMV, or visa processing will appreciate Stockwell’s offerings. Consider stocking grab-and-go snack items or various beverages to help people pass the time. 
  • Laundromats: A prime spot for Stockwell, as customers will be waiting for washing and drying machines to finish their cycles. Offer a selection of relevant items like laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, snacks, books, and beverages. 
  • Hotels: Don’t make guests wait around for a desk attendant. With a Stockwell, they can get all the items they need and get back to their stay. Think toothpaste, ear plugs, face masks, melatonin, skincare products, feminine products, sunscreen, water bottles, and more.  
  • Airports: Stockwell is great for travelers with long layovers, redeye flyers, and times when food courts are closed. Stock it with food, drinks, phone chargers, headphones, eye masks, sunscreen, sunglasses, travel neck pillows, motion sickness relief items, beverages, and snacks, to give travelers a better experience. 

Explore the Possibilities 

Stockwell’s potential is boundless, and it’s not just about convenience—it’s about creating a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for customers in the most unexpected places. If you’re eager to explore the possibilities and integrate Stockwell into your operation, seize the opportunity to revolutionize your retail strategy. Start your journey to increased revenue – get started with Stockwell today.  

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