Enhance your dining experience with the MM6 Dining Kiosk from 365 Retail Markets. MM6 Dining delivers an improved customer experience via easy ordering, diverse customization, and health-conscious features.

Plus, you can utilize Order Ahead – a self-checkout functionality to purchase your meal whenever and however you’d like it. Through the Order Ahead feature, you can place your lunch or evening meal orders more conveniently than ever. Here’s how it works:

Order Ahead with the 365Pay App
  1. To begin, simply touch the screen.
  2. From here you can select order now, scan items, or order ahead.
  3. Select order ahead.
  4. Next, you will choose the location you’d like to order from.
  5. Then choose your desired pickup time.
  6. After you choose a pickup timeslot, the menu will appear.
  7. From here, you can see available items with nutritional information and pricing.
  8. Let’s order a burger.
    • Diverse Customization
      • With customization options, you can make food choices to fit your tastes. Not a mayo fan? No problem! While you customize, you will see nutritional information change. And by viewing color codes (green, yellow, red) for each product based on caloric thresholds, you can make decisions that fit your lifestyle.
      • When you are ready to check out, you can take one last look at your order to ensure the food is customized to your liking. The pickup location and time will also be listed at the top. If you’ve changed your mind, you can change the time and location on this screen.
  9. Select the box with the total to proceed to the payment screen.
  10. Pay via debit or credit card, or use funds from your stored value account.
  11. That’s it! Your order will be ready at the time and place that you’ve selected.

With self-checkout and Order Ahead through the MM6 Dining kiosk, you can order your favorite meal to be ready whenever you want it. Enjoy a more convenient experience – get started with 365 Retail Markets today!

Enable Order Ahead