Jason Postl, CEO of Fresh & Easy Markets, shared an insightful testimonial about his company’s journey and their transformative partnership with 365 Retail Markets, with a special emphasis on Stockwell. His story began with a vision of creating a sustainable and customer-centric business, which led him to the innovative concept of micro markets.

Postl’s exploration of various industries eventually introduced him to micro markets. “I loved the thought of convenience, loved the thought of being able to serve people where they are,” he explained. This vision, coupled with extensive research and mentorship, laid the foundation for Fresh & Easy Markets.

A pivotal moment in this journey was Postl’s discovery of 365 Retail Markets through a mentor in Houston, Texas. He was impressed by the comprehensive suite of products offered, especially after they integrated Parlevel. This combination, including Parlevel, LightSpeed, and ADM, significantly simplified Fresh & Easy’s operations, making inventory management and new account setups seamless. “Our lives became way easier once all of those were integrated with each other,” Postl noted.

However, the true game-changer for Fresh & Easy Markets was the introduction of Stockwell. Stockwell allowed the company to expand its reach to locations where open markets were impractical. “The addition of the Stockwell was a perfect fit for us to be able to serve those clients,” Postl said. He emphasized that the AI technology of Stockwell resonated well with customers, offering a futuristic and convenient shopping experience. “As we introduced that to customers, they really liked the thought that they were gonna be able to utilize cool advanced technology,” he added.

Stockwell’s advanced AI not only improved customer satisfaction but also ensured security and reduced losses, especially in high-theft locations. “In some situations, we have utilized them when we knew it was going to be a high theft location. They’re very secure. They have basically zero loss, which is a big benefit,” Kinsley Merril, VP of Operations at Fresh & Easy, highlighted.

Fresh & Easy Markets successfully utilized Stockwell in diverse settings, from public spaces to healthcare facilities. The flexibility of Stockwell, with its vertical integration and wheelchair accessibility, made it a valuable addition. “We serve some healthcare facilities where if you’re wheelchair bound you’re able to utilize the Stockwell and reach everything that you need to from wheelchair height,” Postl explained. This adaptability ensured that Fresh and Easy could provide convenient service to a wider range of customers.

The Stockwell units thrived, especially in high-traffic areas like college campuses. Postl shared impressive sales figures, noting that their most successful Stockwell unit averaged $4,500 in sales a month. “It’s in a prime location on a college campus and has just done a great job for us,” he said. This success showed the potential for Stockwell to drive significant revenue in the right locations.

Looking ahead, Fresh & Easy Markets planned to continue their growth trajectory, driven by a commitment to exceptional service and operational efficiency. Postl was confident that with the support of 365 Retail Markets and the innovative Stockwell units, they would maintain their upward momentum. “For the next five years, we’re going to do what we’ve continued to do, which is provide necessary service for our customers,” he stated. “We haven’t lost a customer yet. We don’t plan on ever losing one because we want to work with them as partners and expand.”

Jason Postl’s experience highlighted how Stockwell by 365 Retail Markets revolutionized Fresh & Easy Markets, enhancing both customer experience and operational efficiency. Combining advanced AI, security features, and adaptability made Stockwell an invaluable asset to their business model.

If you’re looking to enhance your business with innovative technology and reliable support, 365 Retail Markets and Stockwell could be the perfect solution.

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