Micro Market companies know that markets come in many different shapes and sizes. From large office parks to smaller coworking facilities and everything in between, operators need to tailor their services differently to successfully service each account.

Five-star, VIP accounts like manufacturing facilities or offices with 1000+ people are some of the most desirable accounts for a micro market operator. These accounts do incredible volume and workers there often have money to spend, which means they can be incredibly profitable. Since they’re so desirable, competition to land and keep these accounts can be fierce. But if you secure them and service them like the VIPs they are, your company can find immense success.

Here are five ways that you can effectively service VIP Accounts.

micro market companies servicing VIP accounts

1. Effective Communication

Service industries are a people-driven business. If you maintain a good personal relationship with your account, chances are that they’ll want to do business with you. And what’s the best way to build this personal relationship? Communication. Train your route drivers and service technicians to be friendly with people at your account. Encourage them to ask questions, gather feedback, and build relationships. Send a card or gift basket to your point of contact during the holidays.

Once the personal relationship is built, it’s easy for you to communicate future product switches, price changes, or other essential items. Plus, it makes your location more comfortable to proactively reach out to you for tough conversations like contract renewals or new management.

So, listen to your customers. Go the extra mile. Effective communication with your customers is key to a successful micro market.

2. Premium Equipment

Exceptional accounts expect the best. Not only do they need the best service and the best products, but they expect the best equipment too. Kiosks, coolers, freezers, snack racks, signage, and more – anything that looks. feels, or operates substandard will reflect poorly on your business.

When looking at equipment, make sure you choose models that are dependable, reliable, and easy-to-use. If there is even one day where employees can’t use your micro market for lunch, management is going to let you hear about it (not to mention the lost profits for your business.) Ask yourself: does your kiosk look and feel premium? Does it have battery backup for uninterrupted service? Are there multiple ways to connect to the internet? Is it easy for customers to use? These are just some considerations you need to make to ensure your VIP accounts have the hardware they need.

micro market companies servicing VIP accounts

3. Special Events

While your micro market should have consistency day in and day out, sometimes a positive interruption can create excitement and build buzz at your location. Plan small tasting events for new products. Stock limited time offers like hot cocoa around the holidays or roses around Valentines Day. Partner with local suppliers to create Taco Tuesdays or Half Price Fridays. Over time, your location will learn to look forward to these special events and appreciate the extra time and effort you’re offering to them.

4. Diversified Services

Since VIP accounts are so large, they have needs that extend beyond just micro markets. Chances are, they need coffee service, pantry service, vending machines, and even smart stores. If you can be the one supplier for all of their food and beverage needs, you can be a critical part of their infrastructure that’s almost impossible to replace. Plus, these added services will help you boost account revenues, too.

5. Attention to Detail

Sometimes, the little things are the most important. With a VIP account, there’s the potential that one small item can be the difference between a happy customer and an angry one. For example, an expired product purchased by a C-level employee or an important visitor can lead to legitimate issues. Make sure products are well stocked, coffee bars are organized, and cooler doors are wiped down and clean.

Securing a few VIP accounts can be the difference between a good micro market company and a great one. And once you do secure one, it is critical that you keep their business. Great accounts will always be surveyed by your competitors, but by providing excellent service, you can ensure you reap the rewards of an excellent account far into the future.

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