NAMA 2024 | 365 Retail Markets

365 Retail Markets is exhibiting at the 2024 NAMA Show in Dallas.

Visit us at Booth #1610 to see how our unattended retail technology solutions can help your business grow.

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See Exciting New Products

See Exciting New Products

Stockwell 2.0 | NAMA 2024

Stockwell 2.0

Grab, pay, and walk away. The Stockwell 2.0 smart store combines a frictionless shopping experience with diverse products to help you tap into semi-public locations.

MM6 Mini | NAMA 2024

MM6 Mini

A total micro market solution in a smaller package. The versatile MM6 Mini kiosk will power your micro market or dining locations while maximizing your return on investment.

PicoCooler | NAMA 2024

PicoCooler Vision

See the next step in smart store technology. PicoCooler Vision uses AI-powered technology and smart planograms to help you sell more products in a more secure environment. Tap into the next-generation smart store and capture new, profitable locations.

Max 2.0 and VMS | NAMA 2024 | 365 Retail Markets

LATAM Solutions

Leverage solutions that are custom built for Latin America. Our Max 2.0 micro market kiosk brings powerful self-checkout to the region, while our VMS will help you spend less, sell more, and gain control of your vending / unattended operations.

Education Sessions

Education Sessions

Ryan McWhirter
VP of Product Strategy

Cutting Through the Red Tape: Winning Government Contracts & More

Tuesday, May 7th | 8:00am – 8:50am

This panel discussion will invite operators to speak on their experiences with contracts with various government entities and others that have strict policies around payments, mobile phones, security clearances, and more. This presentation will also touch on the ins and outs of accepting SNAP payments, from certifications to compliance audits weighed against potential benefits for operators.

  • Understand some of the added ‘hoops’ that need to be jumped through to win government contracts
  • Know how to approach getting certified to accept SNAP payments, and what comes with associated audits
  • Make an informed decisions about whether pursuing these types of contracts makes sense for your business
Eric Langswager | 365 Retail Markets | NAMA 2024

Eric Langswager
Director, Account Services

From Vending to Micro Markets: Let’s Make it Easy

Tuesday, May 7th | 10:00am – 10:50am

Transitioning accounts from vending to micro markets and more can sometimes feel intimidating. How do you know if it’s the right move, and when it’s appropriate to convert? How do you identify the accounts to focus on? How do you project revenue outcomes from a conversation? How will this impact your routes? What about warehouse operations? How is shrink addressed? In this session, you will be walked through a step-by-step process to transition accounts from vending to micro markets with confidence.

  • Identify accounts that should be considered for a transition from vending to micro markets.
  • Create a game plan on how to approach transitioning an account from vending to markets.
  • Predict and mitigate any operational impacts of transitioning an account from vending to markets.

Boris Amegadije
Chief Product Officer

What Else Can You Do With Your Kiosk?

Tuesday, May 7th | 11:00am – 11:50am

Have you ever thought about your kiosk as more than a way to pay for a snack or drink in your micro market? In this session, we will explore next-level convenience you can offer your consumers with the equipment you already have. Add even more convenience to their day by allowing them to accomplish everyday tasks at the same time they are paying for their sandwich.

  • Consider options for new revenue streams with your kiosks.
  • Dream about greater possibilities for your convenience services businesses.
  • Think about new ways to deliver more convenience to consumers.

Jacob McNulty
Chief Customer Officer

Monetizing Digital: The Next Edge for Convenience Retailers

Wednesday, May 8th | 8:30am – 9:20am

It can sometimes be hard to differentiate yourself in the eyes of the clients. Operators all use POS devices, may sell similar products, and try to offer a level of service to satisfy client needs. So, what are some ways you can really stand out? How about through using digital mediums to attract consumers, engage with them, and ultimately get more sales. This session will explore how to make an impact on your revenue by embracing digital opportunities.

  • Evaluate different ways of digital engagement and how they might impact sales.
  • Decide on strategies for how and where to implement digital advertising and promotions.
  • Overcome the ‘that’s too technical for me’ hesitation that results in inaction.
Angel Torrealba Vela | NAMA 2024 | 365 Retail Markets

Angel Torrealba Vela
Director of Business | Development LATAM

Making Informed Decisions on Convenience Services Technology in Latin America

Wednesday, May 8th | 1:30pm – 2:00pm

This session will present an evaluation of how convenience services technologies have been implemented within the Latin American market. Also, trends, tendencies, and a SWOT analysis for Latino operators will be discussed.

  • Understand technology used successfully by Latino operators.
  • Understand what types of technologies fall short of success for Latino operators.
  • Make informed decisions based on this research and analysis.